What does the word phallic mean?

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Shaped like a penis.

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Q: What does the word phallic mean?
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What does phallic-looking mean?

When something is "phallic," it bears semblance to the male reproduction organ. For example, many comment that the Eiffel Tower is phallic-looking. Alternately, "phallic" may be used to refer to anything with sexual undertones or meanings.

Is there a female equivalent for the word 'phallic'?

yonic (from Sanskrit "yoni")

What are the release dates for Phallic The Misadventures of My Phallic Member - 2008?

Phallic The Misadventures of My Phallic Member - 2008 was released on: USA: 24 July 2011 (Fright Night Film Festival)

What rhymes with aleck?


What does the word Lingam mean?

A lingam is a noun defined as a phallic object that is or was worshiped as a symbol of Shiva or a symbol of divine generative energy. Some of this worship primarily still takes place in the country of India.

What is a phallic symbol?

Masculine pennis

What is the opposite of phallic?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Phallic Forest - 1970?

The cast of The Phallic Forest - 1970 includes: Judith Fisher as Julia

What does you vale verga mean in spanish?

Me vale ˆ*(%( ... This is vulgar. It means "It means nothing to me." It has a phallic reference. [ changed the "me" to "you."]

What rhymes with metallic?

Italic Phallic Gallic

Is the word phallic in the Bible?

Some have viewed the word "zikhrohnekh" as translating to 'phallic' at (Isaiah 57:8), speaking of the 'male organ'. If the actual word, 'phallic', is not often in the bible, certainly the concept is mentioned on several occasions, as worship of many of the pagan nations (and apostate Israel) involved the worship of sexual objects such as the 'sacred poles' or 'Asherah Poles' ((2Chronicles 34:4-7), Asherah being a Canaanite goddess of fertility (Judges 6:25, 26)(2Kings 13:6, footnote) (Exodus 34:13; Deuteronomy 12:3).

What is phallic phobia?

I would assume its the fear of the penis

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