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what does prism mean in science language

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What does the word prism mean?

if you want to know this look it up

What does the word purpose mean in science?

In science the word purpose means: the reason why.

What does the science word key mean?

The science word "key" means important or critical.

What does the word mass mean in science term?

The word mass in science means the density of an object.

What is a prism in science?

In math, a prism is a 3d figure based on a 2d figure with 3 or more sides. In general science, prism is a clear 3d structure that breaks down ligth.

What does reliable variable mean in science?

Maybe it will mean science stific word so I don't

How many syllables are there in the word prism?

The word prism has two syllables.

What doas science mean?

the word science means using knowledge

What does theory mean in science?

The word "theory" in science means it could mean many of things. In science it would mean comprises a collection of concept!

What science word means not moving?

Immobile (though I don't quite understand what you mean by science word)

What is the importance of the prism?

That depends on its application in science or geometry which has not been given. In science it can turn light into different colours and in geometry it can be in the form of a triangular prism.

How do you find the area of an oblique prisim?

The displacement method is the simplest.And the word is prism, not prisim!The displacement method is the simplest.And the word is prism, not prisim!The displacement method is the simplest.And the word is prism, not prisim!The displacement method is the simplest.And the word is prism, not prisim!

What does the latin word science mean?

Science is an English word that comes from the Latin verb 'scio', which means to know.

Why is astrology pseudoscience and not a science?

Just because it has the word science in it doesn't mean it's an actual science.

What does the word solouble in science mean?

The word soluble in science means that a substance may be dissolved in a liquid, usually water.

What does the science word conclusion mean for science fair projects?

it mean the result of your whole project like a short summary

Definition of the word pentagonal prism?

A pentagonal prism is a prism with two pentagon-shaped bases.

What does the science word blas mean?

Because science is just bla so they put the word s at the end to make itpurl.

What does the word properties mean in science?

Refers to qualities of substances.

What does the science word dormant mean?

not active or not working or asleep

What does the science word properties mean?

A correct synonym is characteristics.

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