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Theoretical implies the mathematical calculation of the probability.

Empirical means the actual outcomes to happen.

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Q: What does the word theoretical probability mean in math?
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How are theoretical and experimental probability similar?

they are alike because they both have the last word "probability"

What does the math term Chance mean?

Chance is another word for the probability of an event occurring.

What is the probability when choosing a letter from the word space and choosing a consonant from the word math?

Probability of choosing a consonant from math = 3/4

What is the math definition of experimental?

The word "experimental" is usually used to describe data that have come from an actual test or experiment. These data are opposite to "theoretical" data, which are only educated guesses at what the data should look like. In statistics, theoretical probability is used a lot. For example, if I flip a coin, in theory, it would land on each side half of the time. Perform some trials, however, and this percentage may be skewed. The experimental data that you collect probably wouldn't exactly match the theoretical probability.

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does theoretics mean?

Theoretical is commonly a theory based instead of practical consideration. The word theoretical came from the Greek word 'theoretikos' which means 'observable'.

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What does the word about mean in math?


What does the word aproximately mean in math?


What is the word that mean a hypothetical question about a future event?

The word you're looking for is "speculation."

What does dindex mean in math?

I do not know of such a word related to math(s)

What does the math word oylier mean?

There is no such math word, so it does not mean anything. You may wish to check your spelling before posting questions!