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arithemetic mean

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Q: What does the word total amount mean in math?
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What does the word equal mean in math?


What does the word mass mean in math?

It is a measure of the amount of matter in an object.

What does the word total in math mean as in what is the total of 6 and ten?

Like, what would be the amount, the answer. So like the total of six and ten would be sixteen. The total is the answer to addition problem, just like the product is the answer to a multiplication problem.

Another word for amount?

Total can mean ammount!! =]

What is the definition of the vocabulary math word sum?

The total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items.

What does the word installments mean?

One part of a total amount of money that is owed.

What does the word mean mean in 4th grade math?

It's the Average, or all the numbers in a sequence added up and then divided by the amount of numbers.

What does the word total mean in math?

the hole of your sum,product,or answer ex: 2 +2= 4 your total of 2 plus 2 is 4

What does the word partition mean in math?


What does the word about mean in math?


What does the word aproximately mean in math?


What does dindex mean in math?

I do not know of such a word related to math(s)

What does the word relative frequency as a decimal mean in math?

It is the observed frequency divided by the total number of observations, expressed as a percentage.

What does the math word oylier mean?

There is no such math word, so it does not mean anything. You may wish to check your spelling before posting questions!

Is the word at in math mean to divide?

The word at means the least

What does the word by mean in math?

the word by means 'times' or 'multiply'

What is another word for the whole amount?

Total amount..

What does the word distribute mean in math?

its mean like well its a math term its like distrubed fractions

What is the diffenition of mean in math?

The word "mean" in math means the same thing as average. Mean is just a nickname for average.

What is the word rate mean in math?

it mean per rate

What does the word reduce mean in math?

in math terms reduce means to simplify

What is the math term for the word mean?


What does the word claims mean in math?


In math what does the word equation mean?


What does the word inverse mean in math?

The opposite of