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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What does three out of eight equals in fractions?
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When adding fractions with the same denominator why do you only add numerators?

Three books plus five books equals eight books. Three bananas plus five bananas equals eight bananas. Three houses plus five houses equals eight houses. Three tenths plus five tenths equals eight tenths.

8 ounces equals how many pounds in fractions?

Eight ounces equals 1/2 a pound in terms of fractions. =]

Are three eight and three four equivalent fractions?

3/8 and 3/4 are not equivalent fractions

What is eight divided by three?

Eight divided by three equals 2.6666666 repeating

All proper fractions with the denominator 3?

Proper fractions are when the numberator is less than or equal to the denominator. So, the only three fractions that can be proper with the denominator as three are: 1/3, which equals approx. 0.333333333 2/3, which equals approx. 0.666666667 3/3, which equals 1.

How do you add three fractions without the same denominators?

When you want to add fractions that have different denominators, you have to convert them into fractions that do have the same denominators. So for example, how much is a half plus a third? Both of these can be converted into sixths, so one half equals three sixths, and one third equals two sixths. Three sixths plus two sixths equals five sixths. That's the answer. If you have three fractions with different denominators, the procedure is the same. Convert all three into fractions with the same denominators, then add them.

What is equivalent to eight tenths in fractions?

Three fractions that are equivalent to 8/10 are 4/5,16/20,and24/30.

What is 2 and three eighths as a percent?

Converting fractions to percents is easy, particularly if you have a calculator: 1) Three eighths, written as 3/8, means divide eight by three, which equals 0.375. 2) Add two to that, resulting in 2.375.

What is equivalent to eight twelfths?

8/12 is equivalent to 2/3

Are three-fourths and five-sixths equivalent fractions?

No 3/4 equals .75 5/6 equals .8333... .75 does not equal .83

What are the three types of fractions?

The three types of fractions are mixed, improper, and proper fractions.

What is one third of twenty four fractions?

Eight fractions is.

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