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Q: What does total payout amount mean?
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What is a Life insurance average payout?

100% of the amount of the policy...each of which are purchased for a specific amount, or amount of payout.

What is the difference between actual and theoretical compensation payouts?

Actual compensation will always be less than theoretical payouts. For example, it the posted payout is 50%, the actual payout will be somewhere closer to half of that amount, or 25% actual payout.

If your husband's ins says the vested amount is does that mean that's the total amount or what is paid monthly?

Total amount after interest.

What does the word total amount mean in math?

arithemetic mean

How long should I wait for the highest possible annuity payout?

The amount of time that one should wait for the highest possible annunity payout is at least 1 (one) year.

What is the average payout for whiplash?

The amount you might be paid due to a whiplash injury in a car crash can depend on various factors. The average payout in the UK is around £6,500.

Where can a person go to get information on acquiring a structured settlement payout?

Given the high amount of variation presented in a structured settlement payout plan, it can be concluded that the single most reliable location to obtain information on acquiring a structured settlement payout plan would be directly from the company that would be handling the structured settlement payout.

What is highest compensation payout?

No way to answer this question. The amount awarded is totally dependent on the jury decision.

What does flat discount mean?

Discount on Total amount...

What does the whole amount mean?

Total. Everything. Balance.

What does total cost mean?

amount of money summed up to a grand total basically.

What is the interest rate on a Gmac mortgage loan right now?

The interest rate of a Gmac mortgage loan is very variable. Based on the amount of time to pay it, the interest rate and total payout will increase with additional time.