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Probably a typing error.

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Q: What does two commas after a number mean?
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Is this number 2.247.000 rational or irrational?

We don't understand a number with two decimal points in it. If you mean the number that we would write with commas in the US: 2,247,000 then that number is rational.

What is a person with two commas?

A person with two commas is a millionaire. 1,000,000. Count them. Two commas.

What number has six commas?

One quintillion has six commas.

What is a number with seven commas in it?

A number with seven commas in it is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or you can call it in word form sextillion

How do you say 42000000000 in words?

Well, first it would be easier to write the number with commas to determine how many zeroes are present. 42,000,000,000. Since the number has nine zeroes, it will be in the billions. Thus, the number in words is forty-two billion. Just remember to add the commas when having a tough time.

Can a sentence have two commas?

Yes, many sentences have two commas. Here are a couple of examples, which illustrate two different types of sentence construction where two commas are used: 'My aunt, who is a dentist, lives in Scotland.' 'We walked up the hill, found a grassy spot, and sat down to rest.'

How to add commas to sentences?

You add Commas to sentences when your taking a brake ; for Exaple: Thee teacher , Mrs.Salas , is mean !

Is it true to enter a number in criterion type the number without any dollar signs or commas?

Yes it is true. When entering a number as a criterion you type the number without any dollar signs or commas. :)

What are two uses for commas?

sepreted and created

Where do the commas in the number 37251285 go?

37251285 = 37,251,285

Where do the commas go for the number 10000000?


What does comma delimited mean in accounting?

delimited by commas