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2/5 is in its simplest form.

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One fifth and one fifth.

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Q: What does two fifths break down to?
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Related questions

What is two fifths plus two fifths plus two fifths?

six fifths

Is two fifths less than greater than or equal to two and two fifths?

two fifths is equal to two fifths

What is five minus two and three fifths?

Two and two fifths. Five minus two and three fifths = two and two fifths

What is bigger two sevenths or two fifths?

two fifths.

How many two fifths are in two?

there is five-fifths in one. ten-fifths in two, so there are five two-fifths in two.

What is two times two fifths?

Four fifths.

What number is larger two fifths or two ninths?

two fifths

Whath is the bigger fraction four fifths or two fifths?

four fifths

Which is greater two fifths or four fifths?

four fifths.

What is two and two fifths as a decimal?

Two and two fifths = 22/5 = 2.4

What is three minus two and three fifths?

two fifths

What is three fifths times four?

two and two fifths

What is two fifths of 5?

Two-fifths of 5 is 2.

What is two-fifths of fifteen?

Two-fifths of fifteen is 6.

What is two-fifths of 4?

two-fifths of 4 = 1.6

What is two fifths subtracted from two fifths?

Zero! (0)

What is two fifths of 52?

what is two fifths of 52

What is one fifth plus two fifths?

One fifth PLUS two fifths = 3 fifths

What is half of four-fifths?

Two-fifths.Half of four is two, so half of four-fifths is two-fifths.

What is 15 three fifths plus two fifths?

47 fifths or 9 and 2 fifths

What are two processes that can break down rocks?

Mechanical wethering and Chemical wethering are the two major process that break down the rocks.

How do you round eight and two fifths to the nearest whole number?

That rounds down to 8.

Which one is greater two fifths or three tenths?

two fifths.

What is twelve fifths minus one half?

Two and Two Fifths

Bigger one third or two fifths?

Two fifths is bigger.

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