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from A to B and back to A then to B and back to A again

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Q: What does two round trips mean?
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On Saturday you drove a distance of 237 miles from goodland kansas to salina kansas in 3.5 hours the return trip on Sunday took 3.3 hours what was your average speed for the two trips round yo?

Your average speed for the two trips was 69.7 miles per hour.

Does bicycle mean one or two bicycles?

One vehicle, consisting of two(=bi) wheels that go round and round(=cycle)

Can you play a medal comp over two days?

It depends what you mean. If it is a one round tournament then no, you have to play it on one day. If you mean a two round competition, then yes, you can play it over two days.

What was life like on a ship in 1832?

it was hard and cruel and scurvy was very common. some trips lasted up to two months and round robins were formed

What is the equivalent of driving 40000 miles in one year?

Consider 10 Atlantic to Pacific Round trips plus a whole bunch of side trips to avoid boredom, Consider making 35 round trips between Denver and Oklahoma City. Consider two hours of driving on a major Interstate highway every day for 365 consecutive days, Consider driving the Indianapolis 500 every day for 80 days.

If it only takes seven minutes for an ATS train to travel from terminal 1 to Lot E. How many round trips can the train make in one hour?

4 of them. if it only went back and forth, the number of complete trips would be 60/7 or 8 trips each way or 4 round trips with 4 minutes left over, However, there is always going to be some time spent for unloading and loading which can reduce the number of trips depending on the time it takes to load and unload.

How many trips did Amerigo Vespucci do to America?

The answer is two.

What is the periodic round trips from breeding and non-breeding areas by birds?

72 days and counting ti'll blastoff

Are round trip tickets a better deal than one way?

Round trips are generally a better deal than one way, depending on the original cost of the ticket. Normally with round trip tickets you are offered a small discount.

What does it mean when your hamster has swelling of two round pink balls on its hind side?

This means it is a boy hamster.

What is a simile for round?

I think you mean synonym. A simile is a comparison using like or as. A synonym is two different words having the same meaning. but a synonym for round could be circular. a simile for round could be "The sun is as round as a basketball" Hope this helps!

What does ROUND mean in math?

To round to the nearest number.

Do honey bees make between 50 to 100 round trips to collect enough nectar to make a pound of honey?


What does pcychocentric mean?

It can be defined as followed. travelers who prefer trips close to home.

What does tropieza mean in English?

It means, "You [formal] trip/stumble, (and) he/she/it trips/stumbles."

What two numbers multiply to get 9 and add to get 14?


What does round mean in a math formula?

To Round To The Nearest Of Sumthing

What are two reasons snow stay on the ground year-round?

What are two reasons snow would stay on the ground year-round

How can keep a old horse from tripping?

Well I don't know how exactly it is tripping, if it trips whilst jumping its probably not able to jump that height or not a proper jumper, if its when you let your reins down its probably tripping over them try twisting them round and round then using a strap from the bridle to hold it :) Or if it just trips see the vet if your pony/horse has something wrong with it.

How many trips through the citric acid cycle does it take to break down four glucose molecules?

Two trips through the cycle are needed to break down one glucose so 2 x 4 = 8 trips .

Did Francisco Coronado take two trips?

No, He only took one trip.

Haydn enjoyed phenomenal musical success with two trips to which country?


How old was Douglas mawaon when he two more trips back to Antarctica?


To find the mean do you round to nearest tenth?

Only if you were asked to find the mean to the nearest tenth. If so, don't round each number; calculate the mean first and then round it to the nearest tenth.

What is round two of game of Wheel of Fortune?

Jackpot round