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a cube that is equal to 1 unit....

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Q: What does unit cube mean in math term?
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What does 'unit' mean in math term?

One, single, multiplicative identity.

What does the math term ha mean?

Ha is the abbreviation for hectare. hectare is a unit of measurement.

What cube has a length widthand height of 1 unit?

The answer is a unit cube.

What does nonstandard unit mean in math?


How many edges does a unit cube have?

There are twelve edges on a cube. If you mean the vertices (the corners), then there are 8.

What does the word unit mean?

one of something for example a cube

What does one -half cube mean?

It could mean a cube tat has been cut into a half so that it is a cuboid. Or, it could mean a cube, each of whose sides is half a unit.

What does square units mean in math?

unit x unit = square units

What cube has a lengthwidthand height of 1 unit?

It is a unit cube.

What does kilogram mean?

KILOGRAM IS THE BASE UNIT FOR MASS yards are the best unit for math

What is a cube who's edges are 1 unit long?

A unit cube.

What does liter mean in math?

a liter means a unit of volume

What does rod mean in math form?

a unit of linear measure

What does unit of measure mean in math?

A dose unit of measure is likely to be a measured portion of a medicine.

What is a gram in math term?

It is a unit of weight. Your computer monitor weighs about 2000 grams.

What does gram mean in math terms?

In math terms, gram means a unit of measurement. This is a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.

What does U mean in math?

I'm not sure what what your asking exactly, but U in math usually means "unit".

What does unit rate mean in math?

A rate that has 1 unit as it's second term -Ex-5lbs at $1.45 per lb.(price per pound would stay same regardless of how many you buy). UNIT RATE

What is the unit that is used for measuring volume?

It is a cube. It can be anything a meter cubed, a centimeter cubed, or a cubic mile. It is shown in math as cm3

What is a cubic unit in math?

A cubic unit is a measure of volume. It is equal to the volume of a cube, which is 1 unit tall, 1 unit wide and 1 unit long. If you are in abstract math then it's just called cubic units. In the real world, you can have cubic centimeters, cubic feet, cubic inches, to represent volume.

What does T' mean in math?

T in the metric unit of weight is ton.

Is there Math term starting U?

yes Union Unit Undefined Upsilon Uniform Unbound

What does ha mean in math?

Ha is the abbreviation for a unit of measurement called a hectare.

What does cup mean in math terms?

a unit of measure equal to half of a pint

What does grams mean in math?

Unit of Measurement used when measuring Weight or Mass