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That sounds as if you are talking about a unit that is used internationally. Usually those would be the SI units, such as meter, ampere, kelvin, etc.

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Q: What does unit internationally accepted mean?
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What is internationally accepted unit of light?

meter per second squared m/s'2 or ms'-2 ( ' means power)

What was mg?

Not sure about was. It is an internationally accepted abbreviation for milligram.

What are some characteristics of unit rates?

it should be well defined it should be of suitable size it should be internationally accepted it should be easily reproducable it should not be affected by the environmental conditions

Is the degree of BBA from iqra university is internationally accepted?

Yes, the degree of BBA from IQRA university is intentionally accepted.

Is lorenz high school accepted in the US?

Lorenz High School is an internationally accredited High School and is recognized and accepted globally.

What unit for measuring the length of a table?

Internationally, metres is the accepted unit of measure. However, in some areas of the world (cough...the United States...cough), people use feet and inches in combination with one another. When in doubt about length, always use metres; it is the SI unit of length. Hope this helps! -ubermensch00

Why does the US need to switch to the metric system?

To comply with the internationally accepted SI units.

What does the word SI mean?

System Internationale. This is the system used by internationally by scientists to avoid unit conversions and eliminate the need for extra constants in equations.

What is a standard?

A standard can mean many things. In mathematics, the standard unit of length measurement in the metric system is the metre. In weight, the standard is the kilogramme. Basically a standard is an internationally recognised unit, by which all measurements in the same situation are compared.

What are rads and grays?

Rads and grays are units used to measure radiation exposure. Rads are an older unit that measures the amount of energy absorbed from ionizing radiation by matter. Grays are the newer, more internationally accepted unit that measures the absorbed dose of radiation.

What is the traditional colors of a 80th birthday?

There may be some local traditions in certain places but there is no internationally accepted one.

What is the difference between a chapter and a unit?

A unit is a broad area of study while a chapter breaks things down more specifically. Physics would be a science unit and force/ motion would be a chapter in that unit.Another AnswerThere is no internationally-agreed definitions of these terms, so that can mean whatever the writer wishes them to mean -including the same thing.