What does upper whisker mean?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What does upper whisker mean?
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What does a long whisker mean in a box and whisker plot?

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What does meesha mean in English?


Are the lower and upper quartiles of a box and whisker plot always whole numbers?


What are the five main parts of box and whisker plot?

lower extreme,upper extreme,upper quartile, lower quartile, and the median

Can you find the mean median mode and range on a box and whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot cannot identify the mean or mode.

What type of graph is best for revealing the upper and lower quartiles of a set of data?

box-and-whisker plot

What is the upper extreme to a box- and- whisker plot?

THe maximum observed (excluding any outliers).

What does two shakes of a cats whisker mean?

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What is the purpose of a Box and Whisker?

As far as i can remember, a box and whisker is to sketch out the "Lower Extreme", The "Lower Quartile", The "Median", the "Upper Quartile", the "Upper Extreme" and the "Inter-Quartile Range" as well as the Range. To be honest, it is kind of useless, it just shows those above things in an easier way. Hope this helped :)

What is the definition to box and whisker plot?

A data display that organizes data values into four parts using the lower extreme,lower quartile,median,upper quartile,and upper extreme.

What information is found in a box-and-whisker plot?

The median, upper quartile, lower quartile, upper extreme ,and lower extreme. This type of chart is good for seeing the average of a group of numbers.

What type of graph would be best suited for showing the upper quartile for the ages of the teachers in a high school?

Box and Whisker plot