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well both of it means different things and volume is the amount of space and measured in m3 and cm3 the 3 means cube because it is measured in cubesentermeater and capacity is the amount of liquid the can hole a container and it is measured in L or ML

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Q: What does volume mean and capacity?
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What is volume capacity?

volume and capacity is math

What is the volume of the capacity?

Capacity is the volume of the container.

What Does Capacity Have To Do With Volume?

Capacity is potential volume; that is the volume that you can put into a container.

Is the standard unit for measuring capacity in the metric system?

By capacity, I assume you mean volume. That would be the liter.

Is the volume of an object the same as its capacity?

No, capacity requires knowing the size of the objects filling the volume. Something might be 2 m3 but that doesn't mean its truck capacity is 2. As a matter of fact, its truck capacity would be zero.

What has the capacity of 1 millimeter?

A millimeter is a unit of length, not a unit of volume or capacity. Perhaps you mean a cubic millimeter.

What is the the best estimate of the capacity of a medicine dropper?

You're being flipping stoopid again - you don't mean the capacity of the dropper (wBTW - pr^2L) you mean the volume of a drop. The volume of a drop in technical terms is a drop.

What does volume mean used in science uses such as the metric system?

Volume is the capacity of a liquid, measured in metric by the litre, mililitre,

How many cubic units needed to fill the space inside a figure?

Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.

How are capacity and volume the same?

No they are not. volume is the amount of space inside capacity is the amount it will hold

Is a punch bowl a capacity or volume?


What is a metric unit of capacity or volume that is equal to 1000 millimeters?

There is no metric unit of capacity or volume that is equal to 1000 millimeters. This is because millimeters is length, and it has no relevance to capacity and/or volume.

What does the term average payload CAPACITY mean?

The maximum safe weight and volume a carrier can handle.

What is the difference between lung volume and lung capacity?

lung capacity/volume: the volume of the air in the lung after maximal inspiration there is no difference

Is volume the same as capacity?

Yes, volume is the same as capacity. For instance, a pint pot can hold a pint, and so its capacity is a pint, or it will overflow.

What does total lung capacity equals?

Total lung volume equals Vital Capacity + Residual Volume.

What does TV ERV and VC mean?

TV means tidal volume, ERV means expiratory reserve volume, and VC means vital capacity.

What is the relationship between capacity and volume?

Capacity is how much a something will hold or is able to do. When dealing with solids or liquids or gases, capacity is given in terms of volume.

What does the medical abbreviation TLC mean?

Total lung CapacityTotal Lung Capacity. Also known as TLC, this is the volume of the lungs after a maximal voluntary inspiration.

What is best used to measure capacity?

If you mean the units, capacity, or volume, is expressed in cubic meters, cubic decimeters (= liters), cubic centimeters (= milliliters), etc.

Is capacity the same as volume?


Is Tidal Volume Plus Residual Volume equal to vital capacity?

No, vital capacity is the maximum volume a person can exhale after taking the deepest breath that they can

Litre is unit of.?

A litre is a unit of volume.

What metric unit of capacity is used to measure small amounts?

I assume you mean volume rather than capacity. The milliliter would be the best answer. It is 1 thousandth of a liter.

How are volume and capacity alike?

Volume is how much cubic units could hold, and capacity is how much an object can hold a liquid.