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It means you should invent a short problem (story) where an addition has to be made.

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Q: What does write a number story for the addision mean?
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What does the latin root narr mean?

To write a fiction story.

What does write and illustrate your words mean?

it means to draw a oictur of something and write a story about it or you can just write sentences

Where do you go to write your story?

I'm not sure what you mean. You can write anywhere - inside, outside, in a restaurant, in your bedroom ...!

How can you write an atomic number?

If you mean how can you write an atomic number with the element's symbol, you write the atomic number as a subscript in front of the element's symbol.Examples4Be, 79Au, 109Mt

Write a program to swap any number?

Do write, but before you start, please explain what does swapping a number mean.

What does number and word notation mean?

you simply just write the number as a word

What does indirect mean for elements of a short story?

When A story is indirect it means that you tell the story, without adding any (") for e.g (John says "It was me.") in the story you don't directly write John's sentence, but you write it indirectly like this:( John said it was him.)

When an English teacher tells you to write threads on a story what does that mean?

threads = to recurring elements

What does it mean to use binoculars when writing a story?

So you can write more exciting sentences.

What does it mean to show a number in standard form?

to write it in numbers

What does it mean to write the value for each digit in the number?

it means to write the value. for example.... 1.639. just write the value.

What does standed form mean?

I think it means you have to write the number in words

What does it mean to find the value of?

either find the answer or write it in number form

How do I write one million 8 thousand?

If you mean as a number then it is: 1,008,000

How do you write a Star Wars book?

If you mean to write your own fiction Star Wars story, just create something using your imagination.

Are there any websites that give you short stories to write about for fun?

If you mean websites that write the stories for you, no. If you mean story-starters or writing prompts, there are lots of them. Try some of these links to get you started.

What does 'products of its primes' mean?

To write a composite whole number as the product of its prime factors is to write its prime factorization.

How do you write the number 1.25 million in number form?

If you mean what i think you mean then it's really easy. 1.25m = 1.25 * 1,000,000 = 1,250,000

What does word form mean?

word form means when you have a number and you write the number in words instead of letters

What does co writer mean?

Co-Writer: Someone/Something that helped write a story ect.(I think...)

What does it mean if you have a dream and know it's a good story idea?

It means you need to write it down and get started on it!

How do you become a comedy writer?

You mean like comical books? You just write a story and try to get it published.

How inspired Lois lowery to write Number the Stars by Lois Lowry?

I think you mean "WHO" and, her friend who lived in Denmark at the time inspired her to write Number the Stars

What does write a number given in expanded form in normal form mean?


How do you write the decimal 70.03?

I'm not sure what you mean. 70.03 is a decimal number.