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Set up the equation and solve:

x + 5 = -13 (next subtract 5 from each side of the equation to solve for x)

x = -18

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โˆ™ 2010-11-27 17:33:54
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Q: What does x equal in the equation x plus 5 equals negative 13?
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If x equals 362857 what does y equal in the equation 221x minus 612y plus 1999 equals negative 56751?

y= 131127.691.

Does a negative plus a positive equal a positive?

No it equals negative. (-)+(+)=(-)

In a number plane if x equals negative 2 y equals 9 and in the same plane another x equals negative 1 and y equals 7 what is the linear equation?

A suitable equation for that would be y is equal to negative 2 times x plus five

What does a negative 4 plus a negative 5 equal?

It equals -9

What does 1 plus negative 7 equal?

This equals negative six.

What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

What does a negative decimal plus a negative decimal equal?

A negative decimal plus a negative decimal equals a more negative decimal

What is the value of y in the equation '2 plus y equals negative 3'?

It is negative 5.

What does y equals 2x plus 3 equal?

It equals to the equation of a straight line.

What does negative 2 plus 5 equal?

It equals three

Negative plus negative equals what?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

What is 12 plus 12 plus 24 plus 24 equals?

The equation seems to equal 72.

What does negative 4 plus 4 equal?

-4 plus 4 equals zero.

What is three minus negative nine with the work?

3-(-9) Considering a negative plus a negative equals a positive your equation can be rewritten as 3+9 Which equals 12

What does L equal in the equation 139 plus L plus 982 equals 1388?

L = 267

What is -4 plus -5 plus 2 plus -9 equals 0?

That is not a correct equation. The numbers on the left equal -16, not 0. This is an equation with no solution.

Is a positive plus a positive equal a negative?

No, it equals a positive. (+)+(+)=(+)

What does x equal if the equation is 2x plus 925?

It's not an equation and therefore unsolvable until it equals something.

What does r equal in the equation 7.5r plus 2 equals -28?

r = 4

What does x equal in this equation 'x plus 8 equals 5'?

x = -3

What would q equal if the equation is q plus 14 equals 99?


What is negative 17 plus q over 8 equals 13?

An equation where q = 240

What is 3x plus 7 13?

In the equation 3x plus 7 equals 13, x is equal to 2.

What is five minus negative three is?

That would be written: 5 - (-3) equals 8. Remember a negative negative is a plus, so your equation becomes 5 + 3 equals 8.

What does a negative plus a negative mean?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.