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Sometimes you see x used as the symbol for multiplication. This is not good practice as it confuses it with the x used in your problem, but for some reason this is the way it has always been taught. Computers use the * symbol for multiplication, while on paper the more professional way is to use a dot floating in mid air (not like the decimal point which is on the "ground". Multiplication is also such a common thing, sometimes it is just implied, for instance 4(6) is another way of writing 4x6 or 4*6, which is 24.

x here is something called an unknown.

To solve, use algebra, and as long as you do the same thing to both sides you are fine. Just get it in the form x=somestuff

-4x=10 multiply by -1

------> -1*(-4x)=-1*(10)

4x=-10 now divide both sides by 4

------> 4x/4=-10/4

x=-10/4 or 5/2 in its simplest fraction or 0.25 as a decimal.

Answer x=0.25 or 5/2 (same thing)

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Q: What does x stand for in -4x equals 10?
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