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An unknown number.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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The length of a rectangular floor is 2 feet more than its width The area of the floor is 168 square feet Kim wants to use a rug in the middle of the room and leave a 2 foot border of the floor visib

The perimeter of a rectangle is 18 feet and the area of the rectangle is 20 square feet what is the width of the rectangle

The sum of two numbers is 19 and their product is 78 What is the larger number

A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 48 cm and an area of 140 sq cm What is the width of this garden

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Q: What does x stand for in a math?
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What does the x stand for in a math?

-iaminneed- it usually stands for a also depends what kind of equation it is.

What does x mean in math?

The letter "x" can mean several things in mathematics. Firstly, it is the x-axis of a graph. Secondly, it can be a stand-in for a missing number that is to be solved for.

What does x! mean in math?

The letter "x" can mean several things in mathematics. Firstly, it is the x-axis of a graph. Secondly, it can be a stand-in for a missing number that is to be solved for.

Why does a dot stand for multiplication?

A dot stands for multiplication simply because nothing else in math is a dot. Since X is a common math variable it is not used very often anymore in because it is too confusing when the problem looks like 3x x x + x= it is very hard to decipher.

What does a letter stand for in math especially n?

A letter in math can stand for any number

What does 62(42) stand for in math?

That can be viewed as multiplication. 62 x 42 = 2604

What the h in math stand for?

Math is an abbreviation of mathematics: it is not an acronym. So the h does not stand for anything!

what is 100 x(16,438 + 320,956?


Math term that begins with letter x?

math term that begins with the letter x

In math what does SA stand for?

surface area

What dose L stand for in math?

the letter L can stand for a variable.

What does ''mi'' stand for in math?


What does dg in math stand for?


What does mm stand for in math?


What does c stand for in math?


What does cg stand for in math?


What does a i stand for in math terms?


What abbr stand for in math?


How do you solve x in math?

You cannot solve 'x' in math unless the other number has a variable as well.

What does the x stand for in a math eqation?

It depends how its used, it could be used as the multiplication sign or it could be used simply as a variable and u need to solve what it is equal to. It has many meanings.

What does the equation y x -x a?

The answer to the equation y x - x a would be x(y-1). When letters are used in a math expression, this is a form of math called Pre-Algebra or Algebra.

What is a term math?

Math is the American spelling. Maths is the British spelling. Both stand for Mathematics.

What is e stand for in a math problem?

"e" might stand for a variable depending on a question.

What inventions did Stephen Hawking use to discover that black holes have X-rays and gamma-rays in them?

Math...... Math...... and more Math...... You can use math to mathematically represent data such as X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

What does mi in math stand for?

it stands for miles.