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In 3x = 96 - 75 the "x" stands for the number which, when multiplied by 3, equals the difference between 96 and 75. 96 - 75 = 21 If 3x = 21 then x = 21 divided by 3, or 7

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Q: What does x stand for in the problem 3x equals 96-75?
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7 -3 x equals 34?

The answer to the problem of 7-3x equals 34 is x equals -9.

What is the solution for 3x equals 4x-5?

The solution to this problem is x=5.

What is the equation for x in the math problem 3x plus 4 equals 10?

3x+4=10 To solve: 3x+4=10 3x=6 x=2

Does the problem y equals -3x cross the the y axis?

y=-3X the line would cross the y-axis at (0,0)

Answer to this problem 3x-10 equals 24?

Add 10 to each side: 3x = 34 so x = Eleven-and-one-third

What is the solution to the inequality 3x-11 2?

The equation 3X take away 11 times 2 equals -2. This is algebra math problem.

What does x equals in 3x 12 equals 18?

3x+12 = 18 3x = 18-12 3x = 6 x = 2

What is the answer to -3x plus 8.1 equals -18.9?

Here's the work for that problem. -3x+ 8.1= -18.9 -3x=-18.9-8.1 (subtracting 8.1 from both sides, or, moving it to the other side) -3x=-27 x=27

What is 3x plus 5y equals 16 plus -3x -6y equals -15?


If y equals 3x and 3x equals 12 then what does y equals?

y = 3x = 12y = 12

What is x if x-3x equals 18?

If x-3x=18 then x equals -9

Which line has a greater slope y equals 3x or x equals 3y?

y equals 3x has the greater slope.

What is the answer for 3 3x-6 -3 1 plus 4x?

The answer to 3 times 3x-6-3 time 1+4x equals -45. This is a math problem.

What is 3x-5 equals 3x plus 5?

3x-5=3x+5 There is no solution.

What is 3x plus 2 equals 3x plus 6?

3x + 2 = 3x + 6 This is not possible.

If 3x equals 81 what is the value of x?

3x=81 3x/3=81/3x=27

2x plus 3x equals?

2x+3x = 5x

What is 3x - 14x?


What is the answer to 3x equals 15?

If: 3x = 15 Then: x = 5

What is 3x equals 3x?

Not sure what you are asking, clearly 6x is 3x plus 3x.But the question asks "what is 3x equals 3x?""3x equals 3x" is a tautology.(A logical tautology is a statement that is true regardless of the truth values of its parts)If you are asking what the value of x is, this equation is true for any value of x.All numbers are a solution of "3x equals 3x."But the question is not very clear so please add some discussion to help?

What is the equation to the problem the sum of one half of a number and 6 equals one third of the number?

1/2x+6=1/3x 3x+36=2x 3x=2x-36 x=-36

How do you salve 3x - 6 equals 15?

3x - 6 = 15 3x - 6 + 6 = 15 + 6 (NOTE: In an equation with =, you can do ANYTHING you want to the problem as long as you do the exact same thing to both sides.) 3x = 21 x = 7

If y equals 3x and 3x equals 15 then what number does y equal?

y = 15 (by transitivity)

3x plus 2y equals 4 -3x plus 4y equals -10?

(2, -1)

Are y equals -3x plus 2 and y plus 3x equals 4 parallel?

Their graphs are.