What does y equals x look like?

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If you're asking for the graph, then the function y=x would look like a diagonal line going towards the upper-right hand corner of the coordinate plane.

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Q: What does y equals x look like?
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What does y equals x squared look like on a graph?

A U shaped parabola

What does y equals -x look like on a graph?

Like Y = X Except it is a line through the origin in the second and fourth quadrant to show it's negativity.

What is the answer for y equals x?

x equals y

What is the x-intercept of y equals -2?

Well, the graph of y = -2 would look like: y ^ | | | | <----------------------------------------> x | <----------------------------> y=-2 | | So, you can see that the line where y = -2 never crosses the x-axis, so there is no x-intercept.

How do you graph x plus y equals 5 and x plus y equals 6?

you subtract x from both sides for both equations to get it in y= form. so... x+y=5 x+y-x=5-x y=5-x x+y=6 x+y-x=6-x y=6-x thanks:D but i meant with absolute value signs it was supposed to look like this : |x+y|=5 and |x|+|y|=6 ... but when i typed it in changed it

Does the equation x plus y equals 41 define y as a function of x?

Both. If you look at it like this: y=41-x you say x is independent and y is dependent of x (i.e. y is a function of x) For x=41-y you say y is independent and x is dependent of y (i.e. x is a function of y)

What algebraic property is 8 equals x and x equals y?

Transitive property: If 8 equals x and x equals y, then 8 equals y.

What does the graph of x squared plus y squared equals thirty six look like?

X^2 + Y^2 = 36 Y^2 = 36 - X^2 Y = (+/-)sqrt(36 - X^2) A circle. X = (+/-) 6 Y = (+/-) 6

If X plus Y equals 15 and X minus Y equals 5 what is X times Y minus X plus Y?

Your question is like this:X+Y=15, X-Y=5, (X x Y)-X+Y= ?According to my calculations, X=10 and Y=5, therefore (X x Y)-X+Y= 45.

If x equals 3 and 3 equals y then?


What is y equals x plus 2 when x equals -1 and y equals 5?

If [ y = x + 2 ], then x is not -1 when y = 5.If [ y = x + 2 ],then when x = -1, y = 1,and when y = 5, x = 3.

If y equals one-forth x and x equals -12 then what is y?

x equals -12 and y equals 1/4 of -12, so y = -3.

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