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In algebra z is a variable. What z equals would depend on the math problem you're doing and what the answer to that problem is.

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Q: What does z equal in algebra?
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What are algebra words for x y and z?

In algebra we consider x,y and z are variables.

What does is mean in algebra?

In Algebra, "is" means Equal (=).

What is an area in math where numbers are represented by letters?

That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".That is called "algebra".

What is z plus 3 in algebra?

z+3 simplified as much as possible

What is z plus 4 in algebra?

i like turtles

What is the product of 10 and z?

In algebra it is simply 10z

What has the author Z-Q Cao written?

Z.-Q Cao has written: 'Incline algebra and applications' -- subject(s): Boolean Algebra, Linear Algebras

In algebra what does a -4-6 equal?

It should equal 24.

What is the answer for y plus z in pre algebra?

If you know the values of ' y ' and ' z ', then the answer is the same no matter where you are.

What is an equal sign crossed out mean algebra 1?

It means "not equal to".

What is an equation in algebra?

a problem with an equal sign

How do you discrbe algebra?

Algebra is a form of math in which you find the values of things using variable (eg. x,y,z).

What does V equal in algebra?

V stands for volume in a 3-D figure, or it can be a variable in algebra.

What does z plus z equal?


What does value mean in algebra?

in algebra, a 'value' is what a certain letter stands for. for instance... if z = 6 and the below is a balanced scale... .............................................. z x z Find the value of x = 12 because 2 sixes, (2 zs) equals 12!!!

What has the author Caryl Lorandini written?

Caryl Lorandini has written: 'Barron's E-Z pre-algebra' -- subject(s): MATHEMATICS / Algebra / General, Problems, exercises, Algebra

What algebra problems have no equal signs?

Algebraic expressions.

If x varies jointly as y and the square as z and x equal 40 when y equal 20 and z equal 2 find x when y equal 30 and z equal 3?


Does everyone use algebra?

YES!! You use algebra in your everyday lives. Adding is considered an equation. An equation is a problem with an equal sign. An expression has no answer (an equal sign).

What is Z plus Z equal?

Y. .....2z.....

3.2+z=-7 what does z equal?


34 minus z equals 29 what does z equal?

z = 5

What does 25x divided by 50xy equal in algebra?

It is: 1/2y

What says two things are equal when doing algebra?

An equality.

What is the algebra vocabulary for variable?

In algebra, a variable is usually symbolized by the letter x. For more complex problems, the letters y and z are often used as well.