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Negative five.

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Q: What does zero plus negative five equal?
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What is negative 8 plus 8 equal?

negative eight plus eight equals zero

What does positive 3 minus negative 2 equal negative five?


If A plus B is equal to zero what can be concluded about their components?

One of them is negative or both of them are zero,

What does negative 5 plus 5 equal?

Zero (0)

Does negative one plus one equal zero?


What does negative 4 plus 4 equal?

-4 plus 4 equals zero.

What is 5 to the power of zero plus negative 8 equal?


What does negative three minus zero equal?

"minus zero" is the same as plus zero in that it makes no difference to the sum. So the answer is -3.

Does a negetive number plus a positive number equal a negetive number?

Not necessarily. A negative number plus a positive number can be negative, zero or positive.

What is negative zero point four five negative zero point zero zero four five and negative four point five in least to greatest?

-0.0045 -0.45 -4.5

What does Negative plus positive?

negative plus positive equals to zero

Is Zero plus zero equal to zero?


What is Zero plus Five?


Is kurtosis equal to zero?

It can be negative, zero or positive.

What does negative six times zero equal?


What is negative six plus zero?

negative 6

What is negative 12 plus negative 12?


What is zero plus negative 9?

negative nine

Is negative five greater than zero?

no because anything negative is less than zero.

What is negative one half times zero?

Anything multiplied by zero is equal to zero.

Does a neg number plus a neg number equal a positive number?

No it will not.A negative number plus a negative number will be a number further from zero - even more negative!

What is a negative number plus a negative number?

a negative number. think banking..... no money plus no money is ? Nothing (negative) "no money" would be zero, wouldn't it? Zero, or "nothing", is not negative. Still, a negative number plus a negative number is a negative number. minus X plus minus Y equals minus(X + Y).

What does negative 5 minus negative 5 equal?


How do you write 0.000501 using words?

'Zero-point-zero-zero-zero-five-zero-one', or 'five-hundred-and-one times ten to the negative six'.

Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number?

It can be positive, negative, or zero, depending what numbers you add. for example, -5 + 3=-2 but -3 +5=+2

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