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You would give 4ml.

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Q: What dose of ml do you give to equal 100mg if bottle is for 125 mg per 5 ml?
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Dilantin 150mg is needed and if I have 125mg is equal to 5ml what is the dose to give?


How often do I give my dog a dose of penicillin for the mange?

This information should be printed on the Rx label of the bottle received from your veterinarian.

How would 100mg coedine compare to 100mg morphine?

Morphine is up to 10 times stronger than codeine on a mg per mg basis. Codeine is not an active pain killer until it is converted to morphine in the liver. People have different rates of conversion so it is hard to give an exact dose equivalent.

Morphine sulfate is ordered in a dose of 20mg po every four hours the bottle indicates the strength is 15mg per 5ml how much solution will you need to give to equal 20mg?

To administer 20mg of morphine sulfate using a solution with a strength of 15mg per 5ml, you would need to give 6.67ml of the solution. This is calculated by dividing the desired dose (20mg) by the concentration of the solution (15mg per 5ml) and then multiplying by 5ml.

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20 caps would equal the 2 grams.......but I would verify the dose and be sure that "Grams" is what the dose reads because it could be units of phenytoin....or all together could be a drip of FOSphenytoin!! Different drug in IV form....double check....and Dilantin comes in liquid form also....crummy orange-ish flavor but may be easier than 20 caps!

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Though the manufacturer doesn't have an established maximum dose per day- generally 40mg/day is the accepted max. Some doctors give more- but they are using it outside of the recommended dose...

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