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The logic progress of certain events and how they are linked together.

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Q: What dose sequence of events mean?
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What sequence of events mean?

It is a list of events ordered according to the times at which they started (or finished).

What does sequence of events mean?

It means that there are a bunch of events happening in a certain orderlist how the events happened, in the sequence they happened in. What happened first, second, third and so forth.

Does a cavalcade mean a sequence of events?

Yes, it can mean that. It can mean a dramatic sequence of events, such as; The earthquake set off a cavalcade of aftershocks. It also means a parade, such as: A cavalcade of floats made up the parade.

What do you call events that occur in a sequence?

You call them 'sequence of events'.

What is the sequence of events that correlates to the sequence of events of a nerve impulse?


What is the process of placing events in the sequence?

I think you mean chronological order or sequencing.

What dose sequence mean?

a continuous or connected series: a sonnet sequence.Like a chain, or a necklace of pearls, the pearls are in a sequence, one after the other in an orderly fashion.

What is a Sequence Essay?

it is a sequence of events in a story or how to

What does the literary term sequence mean?

order of events or actions in a novel, story or play.

In this excerpt the sequence of events creates suspense by?

In this expert the sequence of events creates suspense by ?

What is the word that means 'a sequence of events'?

A sequence of events is the listing of more than one event in the order in which they occurred. The word "chronology" is a list or table of dates in their proper sequence. A chronological list shows a sequence of events.