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you need a bachelor's degree (preferably in Psychology) and a doctorate degree (either a Ph.D. or a Psy.D.). I'm pretty sure that you will need experience with children throughout the course of your doctorate curriculum. My advise is to go with the Psy.D. program as it is easier to get into and will land you the job that you want without the rigors of a Ph.D. (which requires overbearing research and a messy disertation)! B.A +M.A+PHD

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Q: What education is needed to become a child psychologist?
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How much education needed to become a developmental psychologist?

Although it MAY be possible to become a developmental psychologist with a MA in psychology or child psychology, it is more probable that you will need to attain a PhD. (This amounts to 7-8 years of higher education, on average)

What school subjects are needed to become a Child Psychologist and what if we are only allowed 8 subjects?

The school subjects needed to become a child psychologist are: social, reading and understandment. You can also just go to college for it.

How do you become a child psychologist?


What education or training do you need to become a licensed child psychologist?

You'll need to attain your B.A., graduate degree in psychology and a doctorate in child psychology.

Amount of years to become child psychologist?

Typically, a child psychologist has obtained a doctoral degree and is licensed. It would take four years for the bachelor's degree and an additional four years for the doctorate.

What classes in college do you need to take to become a kindergarten teacher?

A BA/BS in education or child development is needed, teacher education classes, passing a teacher's exam, and getting a credential from the state department of education.

Would a child psychologist have to travel for their job?

yes a child psychologist does have to travel for their job

How does a child psychologist impact the world?

A child psychologist influences the future adult of the next generation.

How many years would it take to become a child psychologist?

it would take about four to five years.

What gcses should you take to become a child psychologist?

Psycology, Pretty Good thing to take -nods-

What is the job outlook for a child psychologist?

Quite good. They are needed in most areas of the U.S. (with the exception of large urban areas).

How many years of school are required to become a child psychologist?

To the question of how many years of school in most school u have 2 in in school for 4 years learing everything that u need to kno about becoming a child psychologist....

What are the daily duties of a psychologist?

The daily duties of a CHILD psychologist are to * talk to the child[ren] about their problems and social issues * help them become more familiar with their problems * Talk and help them realize their problems or problems around them and try to solve them.

Ideas needed for a unique baby gift?

A good idea is starting up an education fund for your niece. Education is expensive and it's the best gift you can give a child. It gives them the opportunity to become anything they want.

What is the role of psychologist in preschool education?

to make sure the child is socializing and that their is adequate nutrition and love in the child's home. pretty much to make sure the child is taken care of.

What grades are required to become a child psychologist?

You will need excellent grades, particularly in college. That is because the graduate programs are competitive to get into.

How much education should you take to become an early childhood educator?

College and get an M.D. in child education.

Should psychologist be capitalized for example My friend is a psychologist?

The word psychologist should not be capitalized unless you specify what kind of psychologist. For example: My friend is a Child Psychologist. I hope that helps. :)

How do you become an assistant child psychologist?

A doctoral degree in the field of psychology is usually a requirement. Degree(s) in the field(s) of Clinical Child Psychology and/or Clinical Psychology.

What educational background does a child psychologist have to have?

If you think becoming a child psychologist is the right career path for you, you will need many years of education after high school. You must have a four year bachelors degree. After that you will need to apply for a graduate program; preferably one that is recognized by the American Psychology Association.

How can you use the word psychologist?

I'll be glad to call your psychologist for you. My divorced friends are taking their son (or daughter) to a child psychologist.

Does a child psychologist ever need a psychologist also?

Absolutely yes Absolutely yes

How many years of school do you have to go through to become a child psychologist?

Basically seven years of college courses and a year of internship.

What does it take to become a child psychologist and how much money does the average one make?

In order to become a child psychologist you would first have to complete your training at a College or University to get your degree. Upon graduation you can expect to earn approximately $30,000 annually as a new grad. With years of experience you can earn up to approximately $100,000 per year.

Why did education become important to Americans after the civil war?

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