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Q: What effect doe cumulative on the reader?
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What is a sentence using the word cumulative?

His enrollment papers and report cards are in his cumulative folder. Exposure to secondhand smoke has a cumulative effect on the lungs.

What is the Cumulative effect of two pairs of genes?

A kid

Cumulative or cummulative?

Cumulative is the correct spelling.It is an adjective, and means: "increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions: the cumulative effect of two years of drought."

What is the cumulative effect of the forces on the objects motion?

The falling object

What is effect in poetry?

the poem can effect the reader

How does list of three effect the reader?

Adds effect

What the definition of cumulative risk?

the answer is related risks that increase in effect with each added risk.

Is a dysphemism is employed to create a negative effect on a reader's attitude and a euphemism is employed to create a positive effect on a reader's attitude?


What effect did it have on the reader jekyl and hyde?

the reader uses thing such as drugs to put a sad face onto the reader

How do you write a paper without using pronouns?

I don't know whether you have been set this as a task or whether you are simply asking out of curiosity. Trying to express yourself without prepositions is in the highest degree confusing and irritating for the reader or listener. If you keep on repeating the nouns it makes the text almost incomprehensible. Consider these sentences: # After Jane Doe had entered her room, she sat at her desk and continued writing her journal. # *After Jane Doe had entered Jane Doe's room, Jane Doe sat at Jane Doe's desk and continued writing Jane Doe's journal. #2 has the reader wondering how many Jane Does are involved!

Numerous nerve impulses arriving at a synapse at closely timed intervals exert a cumulative effect?

temporal summation

In the Indictment Jefferson uses the words he has?

repeatedly, to introduce each grievance or indictment, creating a powerful cumulative effect.