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Q: What effect would doubling all the dimensions of a triangular pyramid have on the volume of the pyramid?
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Doubling the dimensions of 3-D shapes has what effect on volume?

The volume increases by 8 times (23). doubling is 2, so its 2 to the power of 3. Leigh

How would doubling the dimensions effect a parallelogram in perimeter and area?

When all of the linear dimensions are doubled . . .-- the perimeter is also doubled-- the area is multiplied by 22 = 4.

Which would have greater effect on kinetic energy of an object doubling the mass or doubling the velocity?

Doubling the velocity would have a greater effect on the kinetic energy of an object. The kinetic energy of an object is directly proportional to the square of its velocity, while it is only linearly proportional to its mass. Therefore, increasing the velocity has a more significant impact on the kinetic energy.

What effects the cylinder more doubling the radius or doubling the height?

They both have the same effect on the surface area of the pipe, but the radius has more effect on its volume/capacity.

Does a triangular base pyramid have healing properties?

Yes, as long as the pyramid is a hospital. As far as geometric symbols, crystals, and voodoo dolls go, there is no proof that these objects can heal or cause illness.

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What are the effect of form?

There r 5 effect of form in drawing 1. rectangular 2. triangular 3. reverse triangular 4.ovals 5.circular

What effect did triangular trade have?

The africans were forced to become slaves.

What is Doubling Effect in power system?

It is define as twice the maximum symetrical short circuit current.

What is the effect on the perimeter of a rectangle if the dimension are doubled what is the effect on its perimeter?

A rectangle has two dimensions - length and width. Only if both dimensions are doubled, then the perimeter will be doubled.

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What is the effect on periodic time of doubling the mass of the vibrating systems?

there is no effect of mass on time period because mass and time period are inversely proportional