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The answer is four nickels, two quarters, and five pennies equals seventy cents. I had help!

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Q: What eleven coins make seventy five cents?
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How much coins of twenty-five cents do you need to complete one hundred-seventy five dollars?

How much coins of 25cents do you need to complete $175

What eleven coins equal fifty cents?

Three dimes, three nickels, five pennies

What is one third of seventy five cents?

25 cents

How do you spell 563.75?

The number 563.75 is "five hundred seventy-three and seventy-five hundredths."The currency value $563.75 is "five hundred seventy-three dollars and seventy-five cents."

How many nickels in seventy five cents?


Is three thousand five hundred seventy seven divisible by eleven?


What are the change combinations to make seventy eight cents?

three twenty five cents, and three one cents

How do you write eleven million seventy-six thousand five hundred eighty-five?


What is seventeen dollars and seventy cents divided by five?


How do you spell 75.00?

The number 75.00 is "seventy-five" (and no hundredths) In US currency, $75.00 is "seventy-five dollars" (and no cents)"

How do you write eleven million seventy-six thousand five hundred eighty-five in standard?


Eleven fifteen minus seventy five minutes?

10 o clock

How do you write seventy-five billion two hundred and eleven million?


How do you write seventy five cents two ways?

75¢ or $0.75

How much does money does it take to make a pizza?

seventy five cents

How do you write 73.50 in word form?

Seventy-three and five tenths or seventy-three dollars and fifty cents.

A man has five coins that equal 50 cents but none are dimes how is this possible?

Each coin is a half-dollar. If you have five coins that equal 50 cents, then you have five half-dollars. Each half-dollar equals 50 cents.

What is negative five seventy five over eleven hundred and fifty equal?

In its simplest form, -1/2

How do you write 72.50 in word form?

seventy-two and five tenths

What is five and three sixths minus four and four sixths?

seventy-eleven and a half

How can you put 7 coins into 25 cents?

Two dimes and five pennies make 25 cents -- seven coins in all.

What is seventy five percent of two dollars ninety six cents?


How do you write 1375.00?

Thirteen hundred and seventy five dollars and zero cents

What is 27 quaters?

its 6 dollars and seventy five cents or just 6.75

How much was the first Star Wars Annual comic?

Seventy-Five Cents.