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A rhombus

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Q: What else has 4 equal sides besides a square?
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Why is a square a rhombus?

A rhombus is any four-sided shape where all four sides are of equal length. A square has four sides. Each angle needs to be a right angle, a 90o angle, or else it will look skewed. If a side is longer than another side, it will look either skewed or like a rectangle. So, a square is any four-sided shape that has sides of equal length, which makes it a rhombus according to the definition above. Not all rhombuses are square - because their sides are equal but not their angles - but all squares are rhombuses.

What else can you call a square?

A square is a two-dimensional shape that has four sides (a quadrilateral), where all of the sides are of equal length, and all of the corners form 90 degree angles. A square can be described as an equilateral rectangle, or conversely as an equiangular rhombus.An architectural square surrounded by buildings can be called a quadrangle or courtyard.

What is the area of a 42ft square?

Because we are measuring a square, we know that all four sides are equal in length. Therefore each side has an equal length of 42ft, or else by definition it would not be a square, but a rectangle. To measure the area of said square me simply multiply its length by its height. 42 x 42 = 1764

Is there anything else that equals 525 besides 1?

1 does not equal 525 so the question is invalid.

How do you solve a parallelogram?

opposite angles are equal opposite sides are equal area= basexheight idk what else..its simple really

True or false the parts of a square are sides verticles and angles?

False. There are no verticles in a square - or anywhere else for that matter: there is no such word.

What does equal mean?

The adjective equal means the same, or equivalent to something else. The noun (an equal) usually refers to a person being a peer of someone else, of the same status. In math, an equality requires the value to be the same on both sides of the equal sign, although both sides can be altered in the same exact way and maintain the equality.

What else does equiangular imply about a triangle?

An equiangular triangle is an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal interior angles and 3 equal sides.

What else do eagles eat?

"Else"? Besides what?

Why is a triangle and a square congruent?

congruent means that all the sides are the same length. the sides of a square have to be the same length or else it would be a rectangle. Not all triangles are congruent though. there are other types of triangles unlike the square, where there is only one type.

What else controls depth of field?

What else besides what?

Does 5 have 2 factors?

Yes, 1 and 5. The number 5 cannot be divided by anything else, therefore, nothing else besides 5x1 can be multiplied to equal 5.

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