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A pound of fissile material and a nuclear engine miht do the trick but these do not exist as yet. So, although something might enable it at some future date, nothing enables it now.
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Q: What enables a car to get 200 million miles per pound of fuel?
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What is the formula to calculate mileage?

Miles driven divided by fuel used. Miles/gallon

How long does it take to get to Venus traveling in a car at 60 miles per hour?

The straight line distance from the Earth to Venus depends on their positions in their orbits. In terms of miles, Venus is 26 million miles away from the earth at its nearest, and 162 million miles at its furthest. Along these lines it would take between 49 and 308 years. Interplanetary journeys are not undertaken along such straight-line routes. Instead they follow a trajectory that is longer but requires less fuel through using the moon as a slingshot.

How many kilometers can it travel on 10.00 liters of fuel if the car averages 45 miles per gallon of gas?

191.3 km on 10.00 liters of fuel @45 miles per gallon.

How many miles can you go on 300 gallons of fuel?

Depends on the MPG of the vehicle you are driving. To find out multiply the fuel mileage of the vehicle times 300 for your answer. Example. Vehicle averages 28 mph. 28 mpg x300 gallons of fuel =8,400 miles.

How many miles does a car travel using .1 of a gallon if it uses .75 of a gallon in 17.4 miles?

It will travel 2.32 miles. This is a ratio of fuel to miles; what is required is what miles is equal to 0.1 fuel: Fuel : miles 0.75 : 17.4 0.1 : distance To find the distance cross multiply (creating an equation as the product of the left diagonal equals the product of the right diagonal) and solve for distance: 0.75 × distance = 17.4 × 0.1 → distance = 17.4 × 0.1 ÷ 0.75 → distance = 2.32

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How many fuel tanks does it take to go 25 million miles?

That would depend on the fuel efficiency and size of the fuel tank of the vehicle.

How far can a rocket shoot with 900 gallons of fuel?

1000,000,0000 million miles and 70,90009

What are the benefits of having a Jeep that uses diesel fuel?

The benefits of having a Jeep that uses diesel fuel are that diesel gets higher fuel economy than unleaded or plus gasoline, and it also enables one to have more miles per gallon.

What would enable a car to go 200 millon miles per pound of fuel?

Imposible at this time atleast. Best cars right now get 51mpg Toyota prius hybrid. I will have to dragged by something for 200 million miles with engine off to get these results. Maybe if you were powered by solar plates and sun was out at all times then you will make it.nuclear powered car. fuel lasts a very long time

What is the fuel efficiency of the space shuttle in miles per gallon and km per liter?

The space shuttle uses a combination of liquid of oxygen, liquid hydrogen and solid rocket propellant as well as hypergolic fuels once on orbit so a direct comparison doesn't really apply, but if we must... The 3 SSME's and 2 SRBs are used during launch and nearly all that fuel is used to overcome Earth's gravity, bringing the shuttle the 17,500+ MPH speed needed to orbit the Earth. Additionally, the shuttle consumed hypergolic fuel and an oxidizer in the Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem (OMS), Reaction Control System (RCS), and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). Hypergolic fuel ignites instantly when combined with an oxidizer without the need for a spark or other ignition source making it a very useful fuel in space. The APU is turned on before launch and provides power for all shuttle systems and is not turned off until after landing. sooooo..... Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME) consume: Liquid Oxygen: 143,060 gal Liquid Hydrogen: 383,066 gal Solid Rockets Boosters (SRB) consume: 2,200,000 lbs of solid fuel The OMS, RCS and APU consume: 29,730 lbs of Oxydizer (nitrogen tetroxide) 18,020 lbs of Hypergolic fuel Space Shuttle missions travel between 1.7 and 3 million miles depending on the mission. This gives us between 3.2 miles per gallon of liquid fuel 0.8 miles per pound of solid fuel 53.8 miles per pound of hypergolic fuel and 5.7 miles per gallon of liquid fuel 1.3 miles per pound of solid fuel 95 miles per pound of hypergolic fuel depending on the mission duration or in metric equivalents, with a fair amount of rounding error: 1.4 km per liter of liquid fuel 2.84 km per kg of solid fuel 190.9 km per kg of hypergolic fuel and 2.42 km per liter of liquid fuel 4.6 km per kg of solid fuel 337.1 km per kg of hypergolic fuel

How many ounces of diesel fuel does it take to make a pound?

16 ounces of diesel makes a pound.

How many miles can you get out of a fuel pump?

You may get 200,000 miles and you may only get 75,000 miles. All you can do is change the fuel filter every 50,000 miles and hope for the best. A partially clogged fuel filter will shorten the life of any fuel pump.

If it takes an hour to drive 80 miles and an hour to drive 50 miles do you save on fuel?

If it take you an hour to drive 80 miles and an hour to drive 50 miles, you will not necessarily save fuel. Fuel consumption is measured by miles per gallon, not time driving. You use less fuel driving 50 miles than 80 miles.

Do nuclear fuels have a higher energy content than biomass fuel?

Yes, much higher pound for pound.

What is car fuel economy?

That would be the number of miles (city miles or highway miles or a combination of) the vehicle can go on 1 gallon of fuel.

What are weaknesses of Volvo B20 Engine?

The generator and mechanical fuel pump can be problematic, but the b20 engine is overbuilt and incredibly strong, if you treat it right it will literally last you a million miles.

How many pounds of fuel to launch 1 pound into orbit?