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212 Fahrenheit (boiling point of water at sea level).

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Q: What equals 100 degerees Celsius?
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What is the celsius equivalent of 78 degerees Fahrenheit?

78ºF = 25.6ºC

100 degrees Fahrenheit equals what degrees Celsius?

the answer is zero degrees celsius

What equals 100 degrees Celsius?

212 Fahrenheit.

How many Kelvins equal 100 celsius?

100 degrees Celsius equals 373 degrees kelvin. Kelvin is roughly the temperature in Celsius plus 273.

What is 100 degree Celsius minus 20 degree Celsius?

100C - 20C equals 80C

What is 100 degrees Celsius be in f?

100C equals 212F

When measuring temperature100 degrees celsius equals how many kelvins?

100 degrees Celsius = 373.15 kelvin

How many Celsius equals 373 kelvin?

100 degrees Celsius because C= K-273

When measuring temperature 100 Celsius equals how many Kelvin?


Does 100 Celsius equals 373 K?

In round numbers, yes.

100 degrees celsius equals what degree Fahrenheit?

212 degrees Fahrenheit

What oven temperature equals 100 degrees celsius?

212 degrees F