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It is: 1*71 = 71 because it is a Prime number

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Q: What equals 71 in multiplication facts?
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What are all multiplication facts that equal 71?

It can only be multiplied by itself and one because 71 is a prime number.

What equals 88 in multiplication facts?

1 times 88 equals 88.

What equals 142 in multiplication?

1 x 142, 2 x 71.

What multiplication problem equals 142?

As a product of its prime factors: 2*71 = 142

What are some multiplication facts that equals 44?

1 times 4

What equals 71?

71 equals 71

What multiplication facts equals 77?

1 x 77, 7 x 11.

What multiplication facts equals 32?

1 x 32, 2 x 16, 4 x 8.

What multiplication numbers equal 71?

1 times 71 = 71 which is also a prime number

What equals 29 in multiplication facts?

Its only factors are one and itself and so 29 times 1 = 29 which is a prime number

What are the multiplication facts about 5?

multiplication facts are simply that times table in this case 5

What multiplication facts are part of the fact family for 12 divided by 3 equals 4?

3x4 = 12 and 4x3 = 12

How can you use the multiplication facts about 3 to help you find the multiplication facts about 9?


71 equals how much percent of 161?

71 equals what percent of 161

What does multiplication facts mean?

multiplication fact means the truth

Where can the facts about multiplication be found?

Multiplication facts and tables can be found all over the internet. A good place for worksheets for multiplication is through the Education website. Also, many teacher stores will have products regarding multiplication.

How do you use known multiplication facts to solve or break up unknown multiplication facts?

each side is multiplied together.

What equals 31 in multiplication?


How many times does 9 go into 71?

71 divided by 9 equals 7 with a remainder of 8.

What equals 500 with multiplication?

500 equals 500 - whether with multiplication or division or whatever.

What equals 169 in multiplication?

what equals into 169 is it 16

What multiplication fact equals 12?

2 x 6 = 12 : 3 x 4 = 12 are two facts (or have I misunderstood your use of the word "fact" as in your question?

Why learning multiplication facts is helpful for big multiplication facts?

If you know them up to at least 9, you will be able to do big multiplication problems as well as move on to division, algebra, and maybe even calculus.

Where can I find multiplication facts worksheets?

Yes, i can point you in the right direction. please follow this link so you can find some multiplication facts worksheets sheets:

What are multiplication facts?

A multiplication fact is a multiplication problem with numbers going up to 12, at most. You are supposed to memorize these during school.