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One million tons equals two billion pounds.

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Q: What equals a million tons?
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1 million ton equals how many tons?

A million?!

2 million grams equals how many tons?

2 tons

200 billion pounds equals how many tons?

100 million tons

How many tons is 9 million pounds?

Good Day, 4,500 tons equals 9 million pounds. 9,000,000 divided by 2,000 equals 4,500. -James

25 million tons equals how many pounds?

25,000,000 tons equal 50,000,000,000 pounds.

How much pounds equals 1.5 million tons?

3,000,000,000 lbs

What weighs 28 million tons?

The total amout of potato chips Americans eat on Super Bowl Sunday each year equals 28 million tons.

1 million tons equals how many pounds?

Two hundred thousand pounds

What is the difference between Million metric tons to million tons?

One million tonnes (metric tons) is equivalent to 1.023 million short tons or 0.984 million long tons.

How many tons in 5.7 million tons?

It is 5.7 million tons

What is the percentage of 33 million tons?

33 million tons is 1 percent of 3300 million tons.

How much plastic goes to landfill each year?

1960:10 million tons 1970:26.7 million tons 1980:30 million tons 1990:39 million tons 2000:49 million tons 2010:60 million tons

How do you write 68 million tons?

68 million tons can be written as 68,000,000 tons.

How do you convert metric tons to million tons?

You divide by a million.

1 million pound equals how many tons?

1000000 lb = 500 t(US)

How many tons would be equal to 8000 tons?

8000 tons equals 8000 tons. 8 tons equals 8000 pounds.

What are the 3 countries that grow the most of wheat?

Annual Wheat production China 96.2 million tons India 72 million tons United States 57.1 million tons Russia 45.5 million tons France 36.9 million tons Canada 25.5 million tons AND AUSTRALIA

What is the highest number on recycled items?

Measured by tonnage, the most-recycled or composted products and materials in 2017 were corrugated boxes (28.8 million tons), yard trimmings (24.4 million tons), mixed nondurable paper products (9.9 million tons), newspapers/mechanical papers (4.2 million tons), lead-acid batteries (3.2 million tons), major appliances (3.1 million tons), glass containers (three million tons), wood packaging (three million tons), tires (2.6 million tons), food (2.6 million tons), mixed paper containers and packaging (1.3 million tons) and selected consumer electronics (one million tons).

3 tons equals how many tons?

3 tons

Does a megaton equal a million kilograms?

No, a million kilograms are a thousand tons. A megaton is a million tons.

What would one billion grams equal?

I assume the billion that refers to 109. Then 1 billion grams = 1 million kilograms, which equals 1000 metric tons, which is about 2.2 million pounds or 1100 tons(US).

What is 0.5 million tons in standard form?

0.5 million tons in standard form is 5.0 × 105 tons.

1367.64 pounds equals what in tons?

0.68382 tons.

3500 pounds equals tons?

1.75 tons

How much is 165 million tons of dirt?

As a rough guess, I would say 165 million tons!As a rough guess, I would say 165 million tons!As a rough guess, I would say 165 million tons!As a rough guess, I would say 165 million tons!