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There are different formulae for different shapes so you would need to specify the shape in order to get an answer.

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Q: What equation do you use for finding volume?
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Equation for finding density?

density = mass/volume

What is the equation for finding the volume of a rectangle?

Volume=length x width x height (V=lwh)

How do you find the volume of a cylinder with just the volume and the height?

No matter what you're finding, use the equation V=πr2h. Then solve algebraically. V=volume h=height r=radius πr2=area of the base

How do you find the radius of a cone if you have height and volume?

Use the equation for the volume of a cone, replace the known height and volume, and solve the resulting equation for the radius.

How do you do the equation 4dividedby3 pi radius cubed Example please?

It's used in finding the volume of a sphere which is: Volume = 4/3*pi*radius3

What equation can you use to describe density?

Density is typically described by the equation: density = mass/volume. This formula relates the mass of an object or substance to its volume, providing a measure of how tightly packed the particles are within the given space.

How do you find volume in mL?

You can't. The whole point of finding volume is to convert mL to cm3. To do this, use use the rule: 1mL = 1cm3

What is the formula for finding the volume of a pyramid with a triangular base?

go to this website... it has a diagram and equation

Can use equation of length X width X height to measure?


How can you convert the formula for density to find the volume of an unknown object?

The formula for finding density is: Density= Mass/Volume or d= m/v. if you multiply both sides of the equation by the Volume: vd= v m/ v , volume cancels on the right and you get the equation: Density x Volume= Mass or dv=m. by dividing both sides by the Density: d v/ d =m/d, density will cancel on the left and our final equation is Volume=Mass/Density or v=m/d

Why do you use square roots to solve quadratic equations?

Because it's part of the quadratic equation formula in finding the roots of a quadratic equation.

How can you use a scatter plot to find an equation of a trend line?

By finding the line of best fit and using the straight line equation formula.