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3y = 2x + 15

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Q: What equation is equivalent to y equals 2 over 3x plus 5?
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Which equation is equivalent to 4x plus y equals 12?

It is: y = -4x+12

What does the equation solid plus gas equals?

The equation soild plus gas equals a liquid

Is the equation 9 equals 6 plus 3t equivalent to 3 equals 2 plus t?

Yes and t = 1 in both equations

Is y equals 1 over x plus 7 a linear equation?


What is six equals a over 4 plus two?

It is an equation and the value of a is 16

Equation that is equivalent to 3m plus 4 equals 7 - 11n?

3m + 11n = 3

Is 3x equals 3 plus x equivalent?

Equivalent to what? "3x = 3 + x" is an equation which can be equivalent to other equations, but none is mentioned.

What is X over 3 plus one equals seven?

An equation where X = 18

What is x over 6 plus 6 equals 7 over 6?

It is an equation and the value of x is -29

What is the value of x in the equation x over 2 plus x over equals 2?


What is negative 17 plus q over 8 equals 13?

An equation where q = 240

What is the answer for q equals m over n plus p?

We have no clue what question that equation is asking.

What is y over 3 plus 7 equals 13?

It is an equation and the value of y is 18

Which equation is equivalent to 2x plus 7 equals 3?

2x+7=3 is an equation. However, 2x=-4 is equivalent. So is x=-2. And an infinite number of others.

Equation that can be expressed in the form of the equation y equals ax2 plus bx plus c?

A quadratic equation.

What is the equation for -d plus 7 equals 3?

That's the equation.

What is the word equation for iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride?

Iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride is the word equation.

Is a linear equation in two variables 3 plus e equals 2.3f plus e-7g?

It is a linear equation in three variables which is equivalent to a linear equation in two variables. This is because 3 + e = 2.3f +e - 7g is equivalent to 3 = 2.3f -7g

Which is equivalent to the equation 45 plus n equals 29?

If 45 + n = 29, then n MUST equal -16

What is the net ionic equation for the reaction 2koh plus h2so4 equals 2h2o plus k2so4?

oh- plus 2h+ equals 2h2o is the net ionic equation.

What does x mean in this equation -55x plus 6 plus 4 equals -191?

x is equivalent to 3.6545, having 45 repetetive. With this multuplied by 55 and added 10 (4 plus 6) equals -191

What is the ionic equation of cacl2 plus na2s equals cas plus nacl?

cacl2 plus na2s equals cas plus

What is the solution for the equation -x plus y equals 4 and the equation 2x plus y equals 4?

x = 0 and y = 4

What is the value of x in the equation 1 over 5 plus x equals 7 over 12?

-3 and 2/7

What kind of equation is ax plus b equals 0 in?

A linear equation.