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The expression is (2x-3)(3x-2)

which equals 6x2 -13x +6

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Q: What equation represents the product of 3 less than twice x and 2 more than the quantity 3 times x?
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What does 2pq represents in the equation?

It is not an equation but the given expression of 2pq means 2 times p times q

What is 3x in the equation?

"x" stands for any unknown or variable quantity; 3x means 3 times this quantity.

Which equation represents how the interest on a loan is calculated?

Interest=Principle times rate times time

What is the equation of the supply?

quantity of supplyis the equal to the constant plus demand times price

What is the meaning of operation of equation exponent base?

exponent-the no. of times a quantity is multiplied by itself

How is multiplication defined in arithmetic?

Multiplication is a magnified increase in quantity by adding one quantity by itself a specified number of times. It is indicated by the times symbol (*). The result of multiplication is known as the product.

What is the equation for the area of a rombus?

Area of rhombus = 0.5 times the product of its diagonals

What is the defition of root?

In Mathematics, it can mean a number or quantity that when multiplied by itself, typically a specified number of times, gives a specified number or quantity. It can be short for square root or it can be a value of an unknown quantity satisfying a given equation.

What is a product of a pair of numbers?

The product is the result of the multiplication of numbers. In the equation 2 x 3 = 6, 6 is the product of 2 times 3.

What expressions represents the product of 3 less than twice x and 2 more than the quantity 3 times x?

Three less than twice x is 2x-3.Two more than the quantity 3 times x is 3x + 2.The product of these is (2x-3)(3x+2), which can also be written as:(6x2 - 5x - 6)

Which equation below represents the expression, โ€œthe difference of five times a number and 8 is sixteenโ€?

I would say the anwser would be 11

What expression represents the product of 0.8 times 12?

0.8 x 12 = 9.6

Which linear equation represents the statement y is 5 more than 3 times x?

y = 3x + 5

Equation to find momentum?

Momentum is the product of Mass times Velocity Momentum = MV

Which inequality represents all values of X for which the product below is defined squrt 5x times squrt x+4?


What does l represent in electrical?

It usually represents current in amps as in the equation V=IR (volts equals current times resistance)

What is Three times the quantity of the sum of x and 4?

3(x+4) is The equation. Distribute the 3, 3x+12, Theres your answer.

Three times a number is 5 more than twice the same number. The algebraic equation 3x equals 5 plus 2x represents this situation. Use the equation to find the number.?


What is the equation that represents newtons second law?

F=ma (applied force= mass of object (m) times acceleration (a)

What does double in math mean?

It means you multiply some quantity times 2.It means you multiply some quantity times 2.It means you multiply some quantity times 2.It means you multiply some quantity times 2.

How would you write this as an algebraic equation eighteen more than 4 times the quantity of a number increased by 1 is 14?

4x+x+18 = 14

What is 25 less than the product of 4 times a number n?

Expressed as an equation, this would be equal to 4n - 25.

The product of three times a number and five?

3(n+5) three times n plus five n represents the unknown number

The expression a 3b2 2 can be written in words as the quantity a is equal to?

Algebraic equations can be written in word or number form. The equation a 3b2 2 can be written as "a is equal to three times b times 2 plus two.

What is 2 times the quantity 4 greater than a number?

2 times the quantity 4 greater than a number