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What number is equivalent to three fourth

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3/4 = 30/40 = 30000/40000

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Q: What equivalent is equivalent to three fourths?
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What is three fourths of a dollar?

Three fourths of a US dollar is equivalent to 75 cents.

What is an equivalent decimal to three fourths?

Three fourths = three divided by four = 0.75

What is three fourths equivalent to?


What is the equivalent fraction for tree fourths?

six eighths, then that can reduce to three fourths.

What fraction is not equivalent to three fourths?

three fifths, for example.

What is equivalent to three fourths?

six eighths

What is the equivalent decimal of three fourths?


Is three fourths equivalent to two eights?


Are three fourths and eight twelves equivalent?

No, they are not.

What are all the equivalent fractions of three fourths?

There are an infinite number of equivalent fractions for three fourths. Some of them are six eights, 12/16, and 300/400.

Is three force equivalent to seven eights?

If you mean three fourths then it is not equivalent to seven eighths

What is equivalent to fraction three fourths?

Some equivalent fractions of three fourths(3/4) are 6/8,12/16,30/40,7/10,and 300/400.

What equivalent fractions are equivalent to three fourths?

6/8 is equivalent to 3/4.

Is one half and three fourths equivalent?

One half and three fourths are not equivalent. If you were to divide 1/2 (1 divided by 2), you would get .50 . If you were to divide 3/4 (3 divided by 4), you would get .75, therefore making one half not equivalent to three fourths.

Is three fourths equivalent to fifteen twentieths?


Is three fourths equivalent to six eighths?


What decimal is equivalent to one and three fourths?


What is equivalent to three fourths in fraction?


What does three Fourths equivalent fraction?


How many pints are in nine and three fourths quarts?

Two pints is equivalent to one quart, so nine and three-fourths quarts is equivalent to nineteen and a half pints.

What percent is equivalent to three fourths?

.75 percent is equivalent to 3/4

Is nine twelves greater than three fourths?

No, they are equivalent.

What ia an equivalent fraction of three fourths?


What fraction is equivalent to two and three fourths?


How many fourths are there in three fourths?

There are three fourths in three fourths!