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i don't really know, but it sounds like it could mean that you have the match in the bag.......(you're sure to win??) That's my guess. but i might be wrong.......

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Q: What exactly does it mean have a tennis match on your racket?
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What does Wimbledon mean in cockney?

something to do with Tennis, as this is the famous Tennis match series.

What does restring mean?

To thread (beads) on a new necklace; To fit with new lacing (as a tennis racket).

What is the correct spelling of racket?

If you mean the 'bat' used to play tennis - the correct spelling is raquet

What does the word match mean for tennis?

The end of the game.

What does the term match point mean in tennis?

It means if you win that point you win the match.

What does winners mean in tennis?

It means that the opponent or you didn't even get the racket on the ball before it bounced 2 times.

What does 4.5 stand for when written in the side of a tennis racket?

4.5 can mean the manufacturer's skill level according to its own skill level system if it is written on the side of a tennis racquet.

What is the difference between a racket and a racquet?

The word Racquet has origin in the French word racqutte and distinquishes it from Racket in English to mean 'noise/din' .However the English option to use Racquet/racket as sports equipment(tennis/badmington etc) is accepted.

What does l4 mean in tennis racket size?

L4 is one of the best sizes. Plus it gives you the most powerful shot possible with this racquet.

What does wo mean in tennis?

When a player is ill of have an emergency so they cannot make their match.

What is the Hebrew word for match?

It depends on what you mean by "match": a couple = hat'amah (התאמה) or shidukh (שידוך) a fire stick = gafrur (גפרור) a tennis match = takharut (תחרות)

In sports whats love mean?

Although tennis historians aren't sure exactly how the term "love" came to mean zero in tennis, the most plausible assumption seems to be that it's based on the French word "l'oeuf."Court tennis, an ancestor of most of today's racket games, originated in 14th century France. Pronounced correctly "l'oeuf"-meaning "egg"-sounds similar to "love." And the egg, which unquestionably looks like a zero, could have been used to describe a zero written on a scoreboard.Viper1

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