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The derrogatory and negative term "whore" dates back to before the 12th century and originates from various spellings of "hore" (with no 'w').

It was orginally used to denote an "immoral" woman. The immoral woman status included adulterer or prostitutes--any female who gave sexual intercourse in exchange for money. Only in the last 25-30 years have males been also called "whores" for selling sex for money.

Religions still rely on the word "whore" to indicate immorality, specifically sexual immorality. While use of the word lessened in the 1980s, it quickly regained it's use in spiritual and religious upbringing, especially since the word is used in The Bible.

As well over the past 10 years (especially), young people have combined the word "whore" with another word to create new phrases that indicate "an obsession". For example, "He's an information whore" means the man has an obsession for collecting or sharing information. A "definition whore" is one who obsessively makes up fake definitions. A "clothes whore" is a man or woman who obsessively buys clothing and follows every new fashion. "Whore", therefore, has evolved to include any obsession or indulgence, especially when the obsession is beyond what most people would do.

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Q: What exactly is a 'whore'?
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