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A negative correlation

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Q: What exists if the y-coordinates decrease as the x-coordinates increase?
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Is it possible an element exists that can increase and decrease the mass of an object when stimulated with an electrical current?


What exists is the y-coordinates decrease and the x-coordinates increase?

Example: draw the graph where y = 10 - x , from x = 0 to 5 step 1

What does it means to have a correlation in a scatter plot?

A correlation exists in a scatter plot if there is a general trend in the outputs as inputs increase. If the outputs generally increase in value, then there is a positive correlation. If the outputs generally decrease in value, then there is a negative correlation.

What happens to molecules when a substance changes phases?

Matter exists as solids, liquids and gases. When a substance change phases, the molecules will change size coupled with the increase or decrease of heat energy.

What exists if the y-coordinates increase as the x-coordinates increase?

Positive slope.

When a cash surplus exists on your income and expenditure statement you can?

increase your investments

Why does a supply curve slope upwards?

it is so because, there exists a positive relation between price and supply, i.e wen price increase then supply olso tends to increase the same. . .

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There exists no scientific evidence that any over the counter supplement can increase the height of otherwise normally nourished individuals.

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No, unless the slope is in favor of the drop. Meaning its a downhill. If the slope is downwards, the speed may increase with distance, since more potential energy exists. So distance increases with speed if moving downhill

How can you control centripetal force on a roller coaster?

Centripetal force does not exist on a roller coaster or anywhere else. You would more be thinking along the lines of Centrifugal force. This is the force that pushes outwards. For instance, swinging a ball on a string, it is centrifugal force that keeps the ball extended outwards, and if you let go of the string, catapults it outwards. ---------------------------------------------------- In physics, centrifugal (centre-fleeing) force is a fictitious force. It is the reactionary force (Newton's 3rd Law) to the centripetal (centre-seeking) force in a rotational reference frame. In an inertial frame of reference, only centripetal force exists. The magnitude of the centripetal force is calculated as: Fc = mv2/r Therefore, if you want to increase the centripetal force, you can increase the mass of the object undergoing rotational motion, increase the velocity of the object, or decrease the radius of the circle of rotation and vice versa if you want to decrease the centripetal force.

Did Congress quickly approve Roosevelt's proposed legislation to increase the number of seats in the Supreme Court?

Apex-type question, not reworded, similar question exists

Did congress quickly approved Roosevelt's proposed legislation to increase the number of seats in the Supreme Court.?

Apex-type question, not reworded, similar question exists

Does the humidity of the air affect how quickly water will evaporate?

Yes. Humidity represents the amount of water vapor that exists for a given temperature, pressure, and volume. As humidity increases, the evaporation rate will decrease.

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I do. Global warming exists. The main cause of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2). That increase is reversible. The second leading cause is the increase in deforestation. That is also reversible.

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If the temperature increases with increasing altitude in the troposphere, then a temperature inversion exists. All the weather that we are primarily interested in, occurs in the troposphere.

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carbon exists as 3 naturally isotopes c12 c13 c14 as he number of neutrons increase in the isotope the nuclear charge

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I don't think any such pill exists. If anybody claims to increase the size of some body part with a pill, it's probably just a scam.

Which is correct - exists currently or currently exists?

currently exists

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Gravity exists because mass exists.

Why galaxy exists?

Galaxy exists because stars and nebulae exists.

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Profit is equal to total revenue minus total costs, if a firm wants to maximize its profit it has to lower the cost of producing a given level of output and or increase the item price if there is a willing buyer. If a firm is not minimizing costs then there exists a way for the firm to increase profits.

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