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m2 + 4-1/2 m2 + 1 / 4+1/2 m2 + 1 / (square root of 4) m2 + 1/2

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Q: What expression is equivalant to m square plus four to the negative one half power?
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What expression is equivalent to x to the negative fourth power?

the answer would be .000X because if the power is negative than the answer will be a decimal.

What is the expression of 10 to the negative 3 power?

1/1000 or 0.001

What expression is equivalent to x to the negative third power?

1/1000 0.001

R to the negative 7th power plus s to the negative 12th power?

You can't simplify that expression, unless you know specific values for the variables.

What is the value of 3 to the negative power of 2?

The value of 3 to the negative power of 2 is 1/9.

How do you solve -7p two to the second power negative 2p to the third power plus 5p?

-7p2 -2p3 + 5 is an expression, not an equation or inequality. An expression cannot be solved

How do you identify the base and exponent in the expression negative eight to the fifteenth power?

negative 8 would be the base and the 15 would be the exponent

What is the simplified expression of the square root of 150b to the 3rd power?


What is the square root of x to the seventeenth power?

The square root of x to the seventeenth power is x to the eighth and a half power. If x is negative, the answer is imaginary.

What is 256 to the negative half power?

The negative half power of 256 is equal to 1 divided by the square root of 256. The square root of 256 is 16, so 1 divided by 16 is equal to 1/16.

How do you you type square?

In absence of the square root sign, you can write out the square root of expression x using the power form, x1/2 (that's x to the power of one over two).

The square root of negative one raised to the googol power?

The square root of (-1)googol is 1050.