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Whats n+8

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Q: What expressions represents the difference of 8 and n?
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What represents the difference between a number and eight is twenty-two?

N - 8 = 22 (:

How do you write mixed expressions as rational expressions?


Which of the following expressions represents the quotient of nine times a number and seven?

9(n +7)

What is the difference of 8 and n?


What algebraic expressions represents the square of a difference n minus 2 n minus 2 with the power of 2 n plus 2 times n minus 2 or n minus 2 times n plus two?

1: (n-2)2 2: n-22 3: n+2n-2 4: n-2n+2 If I understand your question correctly (it is really confusing) then none of the expressions 2 3 or 4 equal the first expression.

What is the difference of 8 and a number n?


What variable expressions would you use to represent a number and another number which is 8 more than the original Use n as the variable. I need The original number and The other number?

Let n = the original number n + 8 = another number which is 8 more than the original number Therefore, the two variable expressions are n and n+8

The difference of 8 and a number?


What difference of 8 and a number?

If the number is n then it is |8 - n| or abs(8 - n)

What is the difference between n-- and --n in C plus plus statement?

If these expressions are stand-alone (not nested), then they do the same thing, ie increment 'n'.

Which expression represents the sum of the first n multiples of 8?


What are math statements that contains variables?

math statements that contain variables are expressions or equations that have a letter or symbol that represents a number or value. for example, if (2+N=7), N is the variable and N=5 hope this helps