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Q: What family does the shape rectangle belong to?
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Related questions

What family does the shape square belong to?

The rectangle and polygon

What family do rabbits belong to?

Rabbits of all size, shape, and breed all belong to the family Leporidae.

Which shape does not belong with the others rectangle square trapezoid or rhombus?

Trapezoid. The rectangle, square, and rhombus are all parallelograms. The Trapezoid is a solid: a prism of trapezium cross-section.

What instrumets belong to the percussion family?

guitar, flute, drums, triangle, square, romboid, rectangle and the hexagon.

Which shape does not belong with the others triangle rectangle rhombus or trapezoid?

It is the triangle which has only 3 sides whereas the rest have 4 sides.

What shape can you create when you join two squares?


Is a rectangle a 3 d shape?

No because a rectangle is a 2 dimensional shape

What is that rectangle shape on the top of your laptop?

I do not have a laptop and so there is no rectangle shape on the top of my laptop!

Define coplanar points?

Coplanar means "on the same plane". A plane can be a figure or shape like a rectangle. Coplanar points means points that belong on the same plane.

If you slice a cylinder perpendicular to the base what will be the shape of the cross section?

It will be a rectangle

Can you us theterm isosceles to describe a rectangle?

No because an isosceles shape is different to that of a rectangle shape

Is a rectangle polygon shape?

A rectangle is a polygon shape since all lines are straight and connected.

What is the shape of rabies?

Rabies virus is a bullet shaped virus. Bullet shape virion is a characteristic feature of the Rhabdoviridae family to which Rabies virus belong.

How do you find the area of a rectangle if part of the shape is missing?

Area of rectangle with part of the shape missing = area of rectangle (lengthxwidth)-area of missing part.

What is a four sided shape with sides that are parallel?

A rectangle is a shape that has four sides with two parallel lines.

What shape can you make out of a rectangle?

A train but with a big rectangle.

What shape is a basketball court?

a rectangle

What shape do you get if you put together a rectangle and a triangle?

You get the shape of an envelope with its flap open.

What is an iPods shape?

The shape of an iPod is a rectangle.

A 3D box shape is known as a rectangle?

No. A rectangle is a 2-dimensional shape. Each face of a box may well be a rectangle but the box, itself, is probably a cuboid.

What shape can you create when you combine a square and rectangle?

another rectangle.

What is a fraction for a rectangle?

A rectangle is a whole shape and so there is no fraction.

What shape can you create when you join two squares and a rectangle?

a rectangle

What makes a rectangle a rectangle?

A rectangle is a shape with 4 sides and 4 90 degree angles.

What shape would you call a rectangle pushed out of shape?

pushed out of shape