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Karl Malone

Jeff Hornacek

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Q: What famous basketball player always rubbed his face before making a free shot?
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What is the secret to always making 3 pointers in a basketball game?

follow throught yo shots man

Can the inbounding player cross the plane of the out of bounds line before making the pass if they do not touch a part of the court before passing the ball?

Yes. there are no "crossing the plane" rules in basketball. Its always about where your feet are touching the ground or where they were last touching the ground.

Is there any tips for making a basketball team?

Discipline. Always be in control and be serious in what you are doing. Passion. Love the game, admire its beauty.

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its that dunk where he leaps from the free-throw line and one hand dunks it

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You must always look carefuly for motorcycle before changing lane or making a left turn?

They are hard to see

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To get the most points by making baskets Also you have to prevent the opposing team from making baskets.