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It is a squared based pyramid that fits the given description.

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Q: What figure has four Triangle faces and one Square face?
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What are the faces on a square pyramid?

A square pyramid has 5 faces. It has 1 square face and 4 triangle faces.

What does face of a triangle mean?

The face of a triangle is the flat surface of the solid figure. _________________________________________________ A face is a side of a 3 dimensional figure. So, the number of faces a triangle would be 0.

How many faces does a rectangle square circle triangle have?

Square - 1 face Circle - 1 face Triangle - 1 face

Does a triangular pyramid have triangles on all faces?

No. I has 3 triangle faces and one square face.

You are a solid figure your face are quadrilaterals two faces are square what are you?

A square based prism.

Which solid figure has 4 triangular faces and one square face?

A square pyramid

What has one square face and four triangle faces?

A square pyramid! The base of the pyramid is a square and it has four trianglular faces that meet at the vertex of the pyramid.pyramid

What figure has one rectangular face and two pairs of congruent triangle faces?

triangular prism

What shape has 1 square face and 3 triangular ones?

One side of a square would be untouched with only 3 triangle faces attached to it. To make an entire closed shape, it would need another part or some 3 dimensional bending would need to take place. A pyramid has 1 square face and 4 triangle faces. A pyramid could also have 4 triangle faces where one triangle substitutes the square face.

What is a 3-dimensonal figure that has 4 vertices?

A triangular pyramid - one with four faces, each face being a triangle.

What shape is every face of a pyramid except for the base?

i think its the triangle because the base is square and all the faces is triangular shaped so its the triangle

Shape has 4 faces its a polygon each face is an equilateral triangle?

The figure described is a polyhedron. It is a tetrahedron known as a triangular pyramid.