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well if you rotated it upside down then it would be a face with a uni brow.

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Q: What figure would it be if you rotated a smiley face?
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What do you call smiley face angry face?

You would call it a smirk

What is backwards smiley face?

A backwards smiley face is when the punctuation for a smiley face is reversed, such as ) : or ( :. It may symbolize a different emotion than a traditional smiley face.

What app is used for iPod on smiley face icons?

I would suggest the "Emoji" app but there are tons of other apps that have smiley face icons.

What is the smiley face killer?

The Smiley Face Killer is not real. The Smiley Face Killer is a myth. This myth was made up when a man named Gerald Shropno, would kill people with his poisonous spiders. He would leave dead spiders with smiley faces that he had painted on. Thus, the spiders getting the name Smiley Face Killers.THE SMILEY FACE KILLER IS TRUE ............... :) -> :|No way, don't belive it. Every myth isn't true. no myth is. Why? God doesn't create myths. AND I DON'T BELIVE THEM!

How do you do msn winks?

click on the smiley face icon or " " is a smiley face ";)" is a wink ":D" is a big smiley face etc.

If a girl is messaging you and she sends you a smiley face should you send one back?

It is not necessary to "smiley face" her back you can reply with a "thanks" or something else. If you sent her a smiley face back and she sent you another, would you again return another smiley face? You don't want to appear repetitive and boring. Don't get nervous you'll be fine!

What is Smiley Cat?

Smiley cat is a cat that has a smiley face :D

What is semicolon right parenthesis?

That would be a winking smiley face emoticon. ;)

How long has the Smiley Face been around for?

The smiley face has been around for decades. In 1962 the smiley face was first introduced in New York on the popular radio staion WMCA who gave out sweatshirt's with a smiley face logo.

What does a smiley face with an exclamation mark mean?

A smiley face and a explanationmark means that that person is really happy

Would having a character in a comic book with a smiley face mask be copying Watchmen?

Not necessarily. The smiley face is a common symbol and can be used in different ways in storytelling. As long as the character and story are distinct from those in Watchmen, it is possible to create a new and original comic book character with a smiley face mask.

How do you make a smiley face on a ipnone?

":)" For a smiley or ":D" for a grin.