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1 million in standard notation is: 1,000,000

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What is 130 million written in standard form?

Writing a number in standard form simply means to express the number in its 'normal' form. Therefore, your example is written in standard form as: 130,000,000

How do you write ninety million in number form?

1 million has 6 zeros after the 1. Therefore 90 million would be 90,000,000.

What is trilion?

A trillion is a large number. It is written as a 1 followed by 12 zeroes. This means that a trillion is equal to one million times one million!We can also write this number in a way that mathematicians refer to as standard form; it would be 1 * 1012 in standard form.

What number in standard form is One million thousands?

One million thousands in standard form is 1,000,000,000 (1 billion).

How do you write the number 4.6 trillion?

In number form: 4,600,000,000,000 *US short scale, 1 trillion = 1 million millionIn word form: four trillion, six hundred billion.

How do you write 150 million in number form?

1 million has 6 zeros after the 1. Therefore 150 million would be written as 150,000,000

What is 1 million as a number?

Expressed in numerical form, this is equal to 1,000,000.

Why is 1 a rational number?

It can be written, in ratio form, as 1/1.

What is 1milllion times 2?

1 million times two is two million.Or in number form, 2,000,000

How is 1.5Million written in numerical form?

1.5 million is one million 500 thousand, which is 1 500 000.

How do you write 60 million in number form?

Something that is a million starts on the left of 6 digits before the decimal point. For instance, 1 million is 1,000,000.0. Then, 60 million in number form is: 60,000,000

What does one million look like in number form?

1 000 000

What does 1419 million look like in number form?

1419 million = 1419 x 1 million = 1419 x 1000000 = 1419000000

What number in standard form representsone million thousands?


How do you write 1 million five hundred thousand dollars when it is written in verbatim form?


How do you say 1 300 000 in written form?

One million three hundred thousand.

What is the definition of million?

A million is a thousand thousand. One million (1,000,000) is equal to 1 x 10^6 in all written number systems.

How do you write 8 million in number form?

8,000,000. 1 million has six zeros, so you can either add six zeros to 8 or move the decimal point six places to the right. Both methods will give you the same result of 8,000,000.

How do you write 1 million in expanded form?

1 million in expanded form is 1,000,000.

What is 1 million written out?

Not specific enough? Do you mean in numerics such as 1,000,000? Or the words "one million"? Or something in exponential form such as 10^6?

What is 21.4 million in standard form?

1 million = 1,000,000 → 21.4 million = 21.4 × 1 million = 21.4 × 1,000,000 = 21,400,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------- In the UK "Standard Form" is an alternative name for "Scientific Form". 1 million = 10⁶ → 21.4 million = 21.4 × 1 million = 21.4 ×10⁶ = 2.14 × 10⁷

Why does an even number plus to odd number equal to odd?

Any even number can be written in the form 2n for some natural number n.Any odd number can be written as 2n+1 for a natural number nNow add an even to an odd.2n+2n+1=4n+1 which is 2(2n)+1 and this is the form for an odd number.

What is 0.125 written in a mixed number or fraction in simplest form?


What is the rational number of 101?

101 is a rational number. It can also be written as 101/1

What number is billion?

One billion is one thousand million, written as 1,000,000,000 or 1 x 109.