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There is no simple formula. You have to calculate the number of full years elapsed and multiply that by 365; add one day for each Feb. 29 elapsed in those full years (in years that are divisible by 4); then count off the whole months (remembering that some months have 30 days, some 31, some 28 or 29), and finally add the number of days.

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Q: What formula is used to determine the number of days from a specific day?
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What is the formula for finding the number of hours in any number of days?

multiply number of days by 24. so the formula would be '''hours = days x 24'''

What is the formula for finding the number of days in any number of weeks?

7 times (number of weeks)

What is the formula in finding days to month?

Months have a variable number of days, so you can't get an exact answer here. Divide the number of days by 30, or by 30.5, to get an estimate of the number of months.

How many days dos a commander of a reserve unit has to conduct a survey?

The number of days a commander of a reserve unit has to conduct a survey can vary depending on the specific regulations and policies of the military branch or organization. It is recommended to refer to the unit's guidelines or consult with higher command to determine the specific timeframe allotted for conducting a survey.

To determine how to divide the time you have to finish a project what should you do?

Divide the number of days you have by the number of tasks you have to do

What is the countdown formula for Excel?

This question is not clear. There is no built-in COUNTDOWN function in Excel, but there is a way you can do so. There are many things you can count down, including the number of days until a specific date. If you want to count down to a specific date, so the following.In A1 enter your target date. Use 12/25/2010 for this example.In B1 enter the formula =A1-NOW().Format B1 to be a number instead of a date.Observe in B1 the number of days until Christmas.NOTE: You can get a little fancy by putting the following in B1 ="There are "&INT(A1-NOW())&" days until Christmas."

What is an algebraic formula for the number N of days in w weeks?


How To determine the date for a given number of days past a start date?

If you add a number to a date it will take it as being an amount of days and give you a new date that is that amount of days after the first date. So if you had today's date in cell B2 and wanted to see what date it is in 60 days from now, in any other cell you could type the following formula:=B2+60

How many days are in 4455 weeks?

To determine this, you would multiply the number of weeks by the number of days is a week. So that would be 4,455 x 7, which equals 31,185 days.

What is the formula that converts x days to y hours?

There are 24 hours in a day. Therefore, to convert days to hours, multiply the number of days by 24 to obtain the number of hours.

How many days to Chirstmas?

The number of days to Christmas will vary depending on the current date. Christmas is on December 25th, so you can determine the number of days by subtracting the current date from that.

How to Calculate severity rate?

severity rate= days lost by workers* 1,00,000 divided by number of hours worked