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It is five eighths.

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Q: What fraction comes midway between one half and three quarters?
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G is the midway letter between C and K.

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What letter comes two to the right of the letter which is immediately to the left of the letter that comes three to the right of the letter that comes midway between the letter two to the left of the?


Which letter comes midway between M and T?

There are six letters between M and T. They are n, o, p, q, r, and s. The midway point is in the middle between P and Q, so there is no one letter midway between M and T. If you must have an answer, it would be both P and Q.

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The answer is (39 + 153)/2 = 192/2 = 96

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Mother frucking O duh

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Between 1/4 and 1/3 it is 7/24

Is there a fraction that comes between one sixth and one fifth?

An infinite amount of fraction can come between 1/6 and 1/5. For example, we know that 1/6 = 10/60 and 1/5 = 12/60, so a fraction between them would be 11/60.

What fraction comes between 0 and 1?

a proper fraction Any fraction where the sign is positive and the numerator is less than the denominator will fall under this classification. One such example is the number 1/2

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The name comes from the Midway Island/s in the South Pacific. It also represents the battle of Midway from World War 2. That battle was significant because it was the battle when the Allied Forces first defeated the Japanese. It also happens to be one of the Navy boys' favorite ship.

What is the mass percent composition of an element in a molecule?

Percentage composition= (mass of the element/mass of the molecule)*100 The fraction of the molecule's mass that comes from the element's mass

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Although the infinite rational numbers (those which can be represented as a fraction) are countable and can all be listed, it is impossible to list them in order to find the first one that occurs after 0 - whatever fraction you want to suggest as the first following 0, I can give you a smaller fraction which is between your fraction and 0: all I have to do is add 1 to the denominator.

What is process of adding when you add a fraction to a fraction but the sum comes a mixed fraction?

The process is still that of addition.

Which letter comes midway of the letter 7 and the letter 19?

The letter M

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3 quarters

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What comes between 0..2 in a fraction?

0.2 is 2/10, or 1/5 in lowest terms. If you meant 0.02, then it'd be 2/100, or 1/50.

The history behind calling the position five-eighth in rugby union?

the 1st and 2nd five eighths come between the scrum half and the wing three quarters. So 5/8 comes between 1/2 and 3/4