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2 divided by 6 gives a fraction of 1/3 (one third) in its simplest form.

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Q: What fraction do you get when you divide 2 divided by 6?
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Related questions

How do you divide fractions with a common denomanator?

In this particular case, you can eliminate the denominators, and just divide the numerators. In the general case, to divide a fraction by another fraction, multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. For example, 6/5 divided by 2/5 = 6/5 x 5/2.

What is 2 divided by one sixth?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. Therefore, 2 / 1/6 = 2 x 6 = 12.

How do you divide 6 divided by 3 divided by 5 as a fraction?

6/1 divided by 3/1 divided by 5/1

What is simplest form of fraction?

When a fraction cant be divided anymore example: the fraction 6/12 Can still be divided look watch 6/12 can be divided be 3 or 2 if u divide by 2 u will make it harder for urself so u have to divide by 3 if u want...wich would give u 1/2 so 1/2 would be ur final answer. :)

What is 6 divided by two thirds?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. In this instance, 6 / 2/3 = 6 x 3/2 = 9. Therefore, 6 divided by two thirds is equal to 9.

What is the answer to 6 11 as a fraction divided by 10 17 as a fraction?

To divide by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal. In this case, 6/11 divided by 10/17 is the same as 6/11 x 17/10.

What does 6 divided by one third equal?

6 divided by one third equals six half. because you divide 6 by 1 which is 6. then you divide 6 into 3 which is 2. so the answer is 6 and 2 which is 6 an da half. ther half is the 2 because otherwise it would just be an im proper fraction.

How do you simplify a fraction over a fraction?

You find a common number that they could BOTH be divided by(6 and 16 can divided by 2.The fraction in now 3/8.)But if it still is in simplest form,divide it again by a number.

What is 15 divided by 6 as a fraction?


What is two divided by five sixths?

To divide by a fraction, multiply by its reciprocal. In this instance, 2 / 5/6 = 2 x 6/5 = 2.4 or 2 2/5.

Why are 6 8ths the same as 3 4ths?

Divide the top and bottom of a fraction by the same number to simplify it. 6 divided by 2 is 3. 8 divided by 2 is 4. So 6/8 = 3/4

What fraction divided by what fraction equals 6?

4/2 divided by 1/3

What is the simplified fraction of 2 divide by 27 plus 1 divided by 6?

2/27 + 1/6 = 4/54 + 9/54 = 13/54

what is 6/7 divided by 2/9 and then reduced to a fraction?

6/7 divided by 2/9 and then reduced to a fraction is: 3 43/50.

What is 6 divided by square root 2 as a fraction?

6 divided by sqrt(2) is an irrational number and so cannot be represented by a rational fraction.

What fraction represents 15 divided by 2?

15 divided by 2 as a fraction is 15/2.

What is 6 divided by 2 in a fraction?


How do you solve the fraction 6 over 1?

(the fraction bar means divide) so you just do 6 divided by 1 =6

What is 2 third divided by 5 sixths?


How much is 3 divided by one-half?

To divide a number by a fraction we invert the fraction and multiply - so 3 ÷ 1/2 becomes 3 x 2/1 and that equals 6/1 or just 6

How do you divded fractions?

To divide by a fraction, you multiply with the reciprocal of that fraction. To take the reciprocal, simply exchange numerator and denominator. For example, 1/2 divided by 5/6 is the same as 1/2 times 6/5.

How do you do equivulent fractions?

You multiply or divide both parts of the fraction (top and bottom) by the same number (not by zero). For example, if you have the fraction 2/6, you can divide both numbers by 2, to get the fraction 1/3, which is equivalent to 2/6. You can also multiply top and bottom of 2/6 by 3, for example, to get 6/18 - another equivalent fraction.

What divided by 2 equals 3 in a fraction?

6/2 = 3. So 6

What is 2 divided by 6 in fraction form?


How do you find a fraction of a number?

Divide the number by the bottom, then multiply by the top.2/3 of 6= 6 divided by 3 (2) x the top (4)=42/3 of 6 = 4find the fraction for 2/5 of 20

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