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875 / 1000

which reduces to

7 / 8

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Q: What fraction is 87.5 percent equivalent to?
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How do you turn 875 percent into a fraction?

875/100 or 8.75

How big is .875 in?

As a fraction .875 is equivalent to 7/8

How do you convert 87.5 percent into a fraction?

Remove the decimal point from the percentage to make 875%. Then, convert 875% into a fraction (875/1000). This is your answer! You may simplify this if you required...

How do you convert 875 as a percent?

Multiply a number by 100 to get the equivalent percent: 875 x 100 = 87,500%

What is 87.5 percent as a fraction and a decimal?

875/1000 0.875

What is the fraction equivalent to .875?

0.875 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 875/1000 which can be simplified. But simplification means that you lose information about the precision of the fraction.

What is 8.75 percent as a fraction?

8.75 = 875 / 100 = 35/4

What is 87and a half percent as a fraction?

It is 875/1000, which can be simplified to 7/8.

What is 875 as a equivalent fraction?

what is 0.875 as a equivalent fraction 7/8 dude..... Just learned that in math class today :D

What is 87.5 percent at its lowest terms as a fraction?

7/8Solution Method:1. Convert 87.5 percent to decimal value:___ 87.5%/100% = .8752. Convert .875 to an equivalent fractional value:___.875 x 1000/1000 = 875/1000(Note: This step involves using the multiplication indentity property of 1)3. Reduce the fraction 875/1000 to simpliest terms:___875/1000 * 125/125 = (875/125) / (1000/125) = 7/8

What is .875 as a percent?

.875 as a percent is 87.5%.

What is 87 and a half percent as a fraction?

87 and a half percent:87 1/2%= 87.5%= 0.875 in decimal= 875/1000 or 7/8 in fraction

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